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Alexica Lxc Adams
Alexica Lxc Adams  ... well if this is so then Renegades should have been disqualified for all the theatrics and lack of melodic, motivic development and every other development. But wuh de ass do I know.
Melodic development is the restatement of the initial material/piece/song which is attached to rhythmic development. It's like when they take the verse and chorus and turn them into variations but you can still tell what is the verse and what is the chorus. Motivic development is taking fragments from the song and placing it throughout the orchestra. For example, in the basses, mids (guitars, cellos and quads) or frontline (tenor, double tenor and double seconds).
With regards to the lack of development to the particular band [RENEGADES], about 3 mins into the arrangement up until about 6:45, the arrangement was unrelated to [the] song itself. How can something unrelated to the tune of choice be considered melodic and motivic development if I can't locate neither of those things on your arrangement? And yes you would think that it is common practice to map out these developments but some arrangers stray for whatever reason.
The set rule is the judging criterion and the definitions/understanding of those by which the points should be given. The other rule is musical form. I listen to and analyse arrangements based on my musical knowledge and understanding of what is required and expected. If there was no what and how, then panorama would be a free for all because there are no rules.

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I agree 100%  and this is not the first time they have done that and the judges overlooked it and replaced it with bias favoritism. 

Well, most people usually disagree with my opinions on PANORAMA MUSIC -- especially when I say (in layman's terms) that they DON'T PLAY THE CALYPSO IN CALYPSO right in the heart of CARNIVAL in the MECCA OF STEELBAND & CALYPSO.

But this LEARNED MUSIC LADY ... she come and CALL BY BET and she RAISE ME -- because she went so far as to say that for almost FOUR MINUTES in the ARRANGEMENT that they DID NOT EVEN PLAY THE CALYPSO ... she say that the arrangement was UNRELATED TO THE SONG ITSELF.


This is how THE BACCHANAL START -- for all who MISSED IT!!!

Ms.Alexica Lxc Adams

Simply gave her opinion.  And now she has stood her ground.  Everyone should listen in on the conversation and leave the emotions at the door.


bugs: So after I put up this POSTING, somebody came on here and READ IT ... and then they FORWARDED a COPY to DUVONE. Well, MR. DUVONE went on the LADY FACEBOOK PAGE and challenge the lady and tell she that she is JUST A PAN PLAYER -- and she eh know nothing about ARRANGING.

But on more than ONE LEVEL -- DUVONE BARK UP THE WRONG TREE ... he should have just LEFT IT ALONE. First of all ALEXICA have ah whole big GANG OF GIRLS who surrounds her -- so he walked into a hornet's nest right off the bat. And secondly, I would guess that DUVONE does not know ONE QUARTER of the MUSIC THEORY that THIS LADY KNOWS -- so he cannot really challenge her on an ACADEMIC MUSIC DISCUSSION. Which is what it would take to NEGATE HER ARGUMENT.

And i would repeat that I am surprised that as BIG and POPULAR as DUVONE is in the MUSIC WORLD -- none of his SUPPORTERS came to his rescue to refute her argument. (I even told that to ALEXICA, personally.)

Now you know that for years I have been complaining about NOT PLAYING CALYPSO in the CALYPSO for the PANORAMA. So when a STAR MUSIC GRADUATE FROM UWI go on a CHAT SITE and go PASS ME and say that they NOT EVEN PLAYING THE ORIGINAL SONG for ah WHOLE FOUR MINUTES in the ARRANGEMENT (and even ISOLATE THE TIME) -- Yuh done KNOW who side of the argument I AM ON!!!

But that OJAY RICHARDS FELLAH from TOBAGO did an interview after his victory and confirmed what I had suspected for years now. The ARRANGERS spend the whole year developing musical passages -- and when CARNIVAL TIME comes along they just PLUG IN a little bit of the CALYPSO into their PRE-ARRANGED six minutes of music that really has NOTHING to do with the SONG or THE SPIRIT OF CARNIVAL.

ALEXICA pointing finger at DUVONE -- I pointing finger at ALL ELEVEN ARRANGERS in the PANORAMA FINALS.

As I have said for YEARS on THIS FORUM -- this is CARNIVAL SATURDAY NIGHT in THE MECCA of CALYPSO and STEELBAND ... so if you are going to PLAY TO A CALYPSO ... I expect you to PLAY IT IN CALYPSO and JAM IT HARD.

Ah doh know why PEOPLE cannot UNDERSTAND THAT!!!

KEITH DIAZ is STILL MY HERO. On the PANORAMA BROADCAST a fellow BROADCASTER told him about MUSICAL DYNAMICS ... and KEITH DIAZ just CURTLY and REFLEXIVELY (without hesitation) cut him off and told him that MUSICAL DYNAMICS is for CLASSICAL MUSICAL ... well ah almost fall out meh chair ... because that is exactly part of my argument for years -- THIS IS PANORAMA in TRINIDAD for CARNIVAL ... and this is about CALYPSO MUSIC played by (or should I say: SHOULD BE PLAYED) a STEELBAND IN CALYPSO.


Wow, the singling out of Renegades is quite revealing. 

What part of the Panorama Rule Book disqualifies them and not other steelbands? 

Where is the Panorama Arrangement Textbook, which many say has evolved and is still evolving over time? 

Music can be simple yet sophisticated at the same time, and this includes panorama music which pan can play most, if not all, which sounds good, subject to the arrangement. 

I have seen and heard the same arguments and critiques against avant-garde arrangers over the years, starting with Ray Holman and Starlift in 1972 when he composed and arranged Pan On The Move, which has been seen as a classic. 

I have also seen and heard many cultures embrace good music and adapt it with their own flavours for their own "re-arrangements". 

Short of a Test Piece for Panorama Competition which will involve a change in the rule book, this comes down to judging.  And who knows what the future will come up with. 

My choice for 2020 was Renegades, although the only critique I have is less theatrics (props) will take them further, as happened in 2017, because the same drama distracted from the superior arrangement and execution of the song.  It excites and the formula is far from boring. 

Either way, win, lose or draw, Duvone Stewart and Renegades will be around for a long time to come, count on it! 



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