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Congratulations to Despers for their well-deserved win, and to all the other bands for their great performances. The arrangers, performers and judges all did a great job!

Pan Trinbago would make an important contribution to public understanding and appreciation of Panorama results by providing a standard breakdown of the criteria used by judges in each of the four categories: Arrangement (40 point), General Performance (40), Tone (10), Rhythm (10). By that I mean, what exactly are the judges looking for when they assess the performances in each category?  For the lay person, like myself, it would be very helpful to know what the judges are looking for when they assess for example, Tone: does Tone relate to the quality of the sound from the instruments, or is it something more than that?  Similarly regarding Rhythm: what exactly is looked for when the judges assess Rhythm?  Does Rhythm mean the instrumentation coming from the rhythm section only? Or is the bass section considered as part of Rhythm as well?. What specifics are looked at in judging General Performance, which accounts for 40 out of 100 points? What do they look at when they assess how the arrangement is harmonized between different sections of the band? Or how the players execute their pieces? Is the attractiveness of the attire worn by players, the quality of the choreography (dancing), flagwavers' movements, the physical appearance and set-up of the pans and racks, the fireworks etc, included in the assessment of General Performance?  As for Arrangement (which everybody has an opinion on), how can we break down that criterion into specific "look fors" in language that average person can understand? 

I think that this kind of information about the adjudication criteria would be very educative for the public. Pan Trinbago would a great service to put their heads together in consultation with the relevant experts including the arrangers to provide these explanations. 

As a further thought, building on the above, it would also be helpful, that, following the final results, Pan Trinbago publishes the breakdown of the total points for each band, in each of the four categories. For example, Despers' total of 285 points should be broken down into the total number of points for arrangement, general performance, tone, and rhythm. Similarly, for each of the other bands. 

Some people may say, let's not do that, because that will cause more argument. I disagree.  I say that kind of objective data will lead to informed discussion.  

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So the question becomes: where was the 1 point difference between Despers and Supernovas? Was it in the arrangement, performance, tone or rhythm category?

Actually Eric, in the current system, the final one-point difference is in the final total of the three judges' scores, not in the individual criteria categories. For example, for illustrative purposes only,  let's say that for Arrangement (out of 120 which is 40 x 3 judges), Despers' total is 117, and Supernovas is 113; For General Performance (out of 120) Despers scores 114, and Supernovas scores 116;  For Tone (out of 30 which is 10 x 3 judges), Despers scores 26, and Supernovas scores 29; for Rhythm (out of 30), Despers scores 28, Supernova scores 26.

In this example above, there is more than a one-point difference between the two bands in each of the four categories. But in the final total, Despers scores a total of 285 points, and Supernova scores 284, a one-point difference. I hope I have illustrated this clearly. 

Also, note that three out of five judges' scores are accounted for in the tallying of points, because my understanding is that the highest and lowest judges' scores are excluded. 

Let me reiterate, the scores in my example above, are examples for illustrative purposes only, to clarify the math involved. Neither you nor I nor anyone else outside of the Pan Trinbago officials, knows what the actual breakdown is among the categories in Panorama 2016.. My point in my previous piece is, we should be informed. of this breakdown. 

You have. About it being made public, I agree. Question is whether there is consensus among the bands to have this info publicized.

As an aside, I'd like to experience before my transition into eternal life, not only the above but more importantly Panorama played without bands being miked. One only has to listen to the piss-poor (mono) quality of the vids - which is shamelessly being fed to the world as a vehicle to those here and abroad not privileged to participate in the live performances.

Or, hire the company that produces the vids for Supernovas on contract to cover the entire Panorama. Sheer quality.

Just to echo an earlier post - all bands are given their score sheet with the points breakdown, All you have to do is contact a band member and persuade him to give you a copy.

My dear friend their is no real criteria for judging panorama the whole damn thing from as early as 1965 aint nothing but a cultural scam run by unseen forces who use pan trinbago as a front.Carnival is big business for some and exploitation for others.This whole thing started with the socalled emacipation of africans who were brought to these parts as slaves and now they are still slaves to some degree in this case CULTURAL SLAVES.

I say that this is exactly what needs to done and I agree with you 100% Lloyd. 

You have hit the nail on the head here and I believe that we need to find a way to have your article presented to Pan Trinbago. We should not just hold these forums for the sake of discussion - They need to be validated.

Naurice Baldwin

Music is for the the listening pleasure of all not for competition and judgement.Panorama could be very beautifull if composers,arrangers and panists could have the cultural freedom to explore their innovative skills instead of conforming to some backward scheme to appease these socalled judges who are drunk half the time on panorama finals night.

Cedric the two panels of judges were certainly not drunk as you emoted; they were  eye-shot distance from where I was seated. And to state that the twenty performances I listened to were all executed to appease alleged drunk judges. You have be drunk!

Let me ask you something Mr.Nunes what were you doing on panorama finals night were you listening to the bands attentively or were you mackoing the judges all night long,it seems to me if you were into the music you could'nt see what these politically motivated scumbags were doing.From my experience these people represent a political affiliation one way or another.Back in the day it used to be the CDC which i interpreted as the criminal destructive committee.and the steelbandmen association of trinidad&tobago because women were not involved at that time because nobody wanted their children involved with pan,so it's very hypocritical for these people to come now and proclaim themselves to be judges of something they once scorned.Pan will rise again because justice will always prevail.And i pray for the day when the experts of pan and pan music will take the reins of this movement and point it in the direction of true victory for all pan people.

Cedric: Mr. Nunes is NOT YOUR ENEMY.

Señor Gonzales: Don't stress!!!

If you'd like, compare this to marching band competitions in the US.  Almost every marching competition publishes the "breakdown" of scores for all groups after the show.  The Judges names are often omitted so you can't tell which judge was which, but you can see each sub-category and where points were earned.  


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