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I am trying to determine if a pan is an authentic Guppy.
Does Guppy Brown engrave(sign) his pans?
If so - is the signature printed or written ?
Would the identification be located at a specific location on the pan ?
What other info would be included  - date of completion ?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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My next question is who tunes the Guppy pans when they need a tune-up?  Do they have to go back to the Brown family, or can they be re-tuned by a good local tuner?

Ideally, back to Guppy...

Hi Peter, the office number given for Herman was 7th January 2012 at 1.56pm. It worked then, as his spouse or daughter would have answered as at that time his daughter worked there and not at the bank she is currently employed at. That office number is currently out of service and has been so for a long time. I too would not reveal his cell number unless he says to.

I understand, Gerard, but nowadays neither wife nor daughter are there in the office.


Peter, his daughter now works at a bank, his wife was there up to today when I dropped in for half an hour. Her visits are quite regular at varied hours as she does the "paper work." I purchase stands from his son Earl and the odd sunk and grooved tenor prepared by his other son Wayne and brother Kenneth whenever they have the time,hence the reason for my occasional visits.

Good to have the info, Gerard ... you sound like a tuner yourself (the fact that you occasionally purchase tenors presunk and grooved ).  I will inquire about that possibility also.  BTW, where in TnT are you located?

And I thought that Earl had stopped making the collapsible chromed stands years ago.  I will inquire about that as well.


Peter, Gerard Clarke is a Bonafide  Tuner from Starlift

Peter, I am a product of Herman having spent 5 years of apprenticeship at his in the lane after the bakery from 1982 to 1987 learning the preparation alongside Kenneth,Clinton and "Doggie" under his supervision. He has been a friend from 1970. I am located in West Trinidad. I just returned from Pan Alive work in Canada and other parts of Canada stopping of in Grenada for their panorama, as I do a band there. By the way,today  he mentioned receiving a call from you for a Low C tenor,and your affiliation with Angel Harps :-) Earl is no longer making collapsible chromed stands which was not indicated. He makes adjustable black painted ones now....nuff said about this on the forum.


No offence, Gerard .. I didn't realise you were one of the stalwarts (of Starlift?) these days, as Bede pointed out, or that you were a bona fide graduate from the highest tuning school in town.

Next time you see Doggie and Kenneth, tell them I said hello.


Gerard, curious, are your tones digitalized for posterity? http://whensteeltalks.ning.com/forum/topics/who-is-the-best-overall...

Peter, I may be passing by there next week. Will convey your message to Kenneth and Doggie. Kenneth occasionally reads the forum.


Thanks, Gerard.



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