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Who is the best overall Pan Tuner in Trinidad and Tobage

Dear WST "Members" There has been talk over the the past decades as to who is the best pan tuner in

Trinidad and Tobago.Could you make your selection for the top (10) ten present or passed Pan

Tuners?. This question should be very interesting among the many pan lovers out there. 

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Please excuse the miss spelling of the word Tobago, it was a typical error on my path.

IMHO, the tones I experienced as sounding the best invoking the likes of Stradivarius and Steinway are; Herman "Guppy" Brown and Roland Harrigan.

Pure "BULL SHIT"...

depends on the type of pan- butch kellman and roland harrigan for the back ground pans

Puer "BULL SHIT"...

My best overall present Pan tuner in T'dad & Tobago   B Kellman,  Guppy Brown,  R Harrigan,  W Austin, LLoyd Gay, Anthony Williams

My best overall Past tuners in T'dad & Tobago B Marshall, Allan Gervais, Lincoln Noel, Herman rock Johnson, R. Charles 

 Carlton (sonny) Roach the INVENTOR of the Steel/Drum/ Pan, Anthony Williams, Herman (rock) Johnston and Wallace Austin PERIOD...

 1 Leo Coker, ( 2) Allan, (3)Kellman,( 4) Guppy Brown, (5) Birdsong tuner, (6) Kemrick Parmel, (7) R. Charles(Despers),(8) Roland Harrigan, ( 9) R. Harrigan, (10)

Curtis, how come you leave out Bertie and Ellie boi?

Cecil, Ellie not in Trinidad any more, that's why I did not include him also

Is there a listing of ALL pan tuners of note, past and present? If not could one BE compiled!

Allison: You can start with this list!!!







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