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 here is some very interesting notes from my friend mr leslie, Jordan, aka Pedrito, , from  panam north stars, the greatest steel band ,    tuner, arranger / composer, 

Juanitto Jordano Jorda'ninho said…
BEDE, I've posted this before/already as well, the 4ths & 5ths tenor pan and the whole tone double seconds, double cellos and 3 set basses in 1949, pan on stands blocks and leg's, the triple cellos and the 4 set bass in 1952, pan on wheels 1956, the 5 and 6 bass by 1965, the big over size home made tenor pan, the quadrophonic and quad cellos in the summer of 1968, U can hear these instruments on the "Ivory and Steel" album, all these are Anthony Williams baby's, the Invaders tenor pan Herman Gomez, the Cuatro or Guitar pan Neville Jules, double tenor Percy "lizard" Thomas, the "Echo Phone or triple tenor" 7 basses "Herman( rock) Johnston", the 1st ping pong and the single strummer or strumming pan, rubber on the sticks and tune "Boom" Carlton (sonny) Roach 1946, the Bertphone Bertie Marshall, the 9 and 12 basses Rudolph Charles, and the first man to balance a pan on his knees and play with two sticks, was Aldwin (chick magoo) Springer of "Hell's a Poppin", I hope this info help's, save it U may need it again...

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please copy this information fo you may not see this any where unless you contact, 

Juanitto Jordano Jorda'ninho   the Author,


What kinda PAN HIS STORY is dat?

Bede: You have lived a LIFE OF PAN and you have SEEN IT ALL. So I am sure that you have the answer to this question. Apart from the circle of fifths (and fourths) what other note layouts have you most encountered in all of your PAN PLAYING.

Yuh know I eh in the PAN TING but I like the circle of fifths layout because it is easy to remember where you are on THE PAN -- especially with the I IV V  (IV I V) being adjacent.

I didn't know that ELLIE was your best pardner -- and still yuh call all kinda name in yuh post and eh call ELLIE.


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