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I just read the news that the Mighty Sparrow is in serious condition in a New York hospital. In my opinion, Slinger Francisco is the GREATEST all-round entertainer we ever had in Trinidad and Tobago. My family and I are also close friends of the family, and we wish them strength and continued hope that the Birdie will be all right. We ALL love you, Sparrow! PLEASE GET WELL!!!

Ghost, On Behalf Of The George "Sonny" Goddard Family.


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Get up, stand up Sparrow! Get well soon! We need you.   

In the name of Jesus we pray for the power of healing for sparrrow .GOD is able.

I was shocked to hear that the bird is in hospital in a serious condition,I prayer that everything will work out in his favour,


and he will be up and about in no time.


Thanks, WST, for this sad news.

He will continue to be remembered and has been honored in his lifetime...world-wide...

from his hometown of Grand Roy, GRENADA

...to Trinidad & Tobago, to all over the Caribbean and the world.

Just praying for him now....may he get comfort from knowing that many,

across the world are praying for him and wishing him well.


Get well Birdie.

The greatest and most impactful calypsonian of them all, worthy of the title "Calypso King of The World".

My hopes and prayers are with him.


Not to start an argument but "greatest entertainer West Indians have known"?.

Greatest calypsonian? Beyond a shadow of a doubt.

But greatest entertainer?

That is debatable, even for Trinidadians.

Off the top of my head as entertainers I can think of Edric Connor and Geoffery Holder.

Both of them were singers and actors, and had very visible and important roles in the movies at a time when few blacks were even in the movies.

These men are from an era when there was a lot less media coverage, but they had outstanding careers, non the less.

And there are others who have drawn international acclaim like the legendary pianist Winnifred Atwell.

And I did not even leave T&T to consider the likes of Poitier, Belafonte, Marley and others.

We all love and respect this calypso legend and his accomplishments, are praying for him, and wishing him our best but let's not get carried away, shall we ?. 

Point taken in the well-intended spirit in which it was sent, Glenroy. Respect definitely to Edric Connor and Geoffrey Holder. Maybe, I need to rephrase: To me, Slinger "Mighty Sparrow" IS my favorite entertainer out of all I have seen and known inTrinidad and Tobago. To me he was MUCH more than a "calypsonian". I see Sparrow, Kitch, Blakie, and that era of calypsonians as our "Rat Pack". I do not think Trinidad and Tobago will EVER make music like that again. Unless, like Harry Connick, Jr. did in honoring "Old Blue Eyes", we find some young talent who will be willing to honor one of our crooners. And Sparrow is a "crooner" by definition, his vocal talents extended far beyond the genres of calypso and soca. My bestowing on him the "greatest" title, is purely my own aesthetic preferences. Again, my positive thoughts, hopes and prayers go out to the man who made me understand what ENTERTAINMENT is all about. Mighty Sparrow. Mighty. Mighty. (He is SO funny on "Calypso Dreams"!) Sparrow, I will ALWAYS love you!!! PLEASE find the strength to pull through. I pray for you; May the will of "God" be done; either way, you are in the Hands of the Unseen. Miracles DO happen. I ask "God" for one of them now...

George David Goddard, Your BIGGEST fan!!!

Hi there, Oh Ghostly One. We have heard the term "in advance of one's time" being thrown around quite frequently. It definitely applies to Sparrow. His body of work and the standard that he had set for the art-form, is truly mind-boggling. Add to that the fact that his earliest works can still rock the party, this man is a Caribbean National treasure that was way in advance of his time.

Recent release 9-9-2013

The family of Slinger Francisco The Mighty Sparrow is sad to announce that 

The Calypso King Of The World is in a New York hospital in a coma.

The family is asking fans and the people of Trinidad and Tobago to pray for

him and to respect their privacy


An update on his progress will be announced

Margaret Francisco.

Thanks, Bob. That is my feelings about the "Birdie". I have NEVER seen an entertainer like him before or after. AGAIN, in my opinion, but I guess, to many, I'm not even allowed to have one on When Steel Talks. My post was to honor the Sparrow, not anyone else. Can you imagine if it were the other way around; if someone else had posted this discussion, and I was the one adding controversy? Remember the flack I got when I added certain facts to the Tony Williams story? Hey, I guess certain members have "diplomatic immunity". Anyway, don't want to distract...SPARROW YOU ARE MY GREATEST!!! GET WELL!!!

Ghost Who Has Grown Accustomed To The Double-Standards On WST. (This was supposed to be about rooting for Sparrow, not debating my claims of his "greatness", which I stated was "in my opinion".

Thanks WST, for giving me the space and opportunity, to express my get well wishes to the Greatest Caribbean Entertainer, the Calypso king of the universe. The Mighty Sparrow, The Bird With the word. The mighty Sparrow my family and I wish you all God's Richest blessing on a full recovery. Margaret, you and the children hold strong. I thank God that

I had the honour of touring with you Birdie throughout North America, and was able to pay tribute to him last December. I pray to God,  to Give you a new lease on life King Sparrow.

Elsworth & Margaret James.


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