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How about we discuss some SPARROW CALYPSO and praise the CALYPSO KING OF THE WORLD while he could still log on to this forum and enjoy the accolades.

What's your favorite Sparrow Calypso or Couplet or Calypso Topic or Melody or Rhythm or Personal Experience or Whatever? 

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Well ah didn't know Trini like to play soccer so

Lord ah didn't know Trinbagonian like soccer so

From the time dey hear T&T

Had ah chance to go ITALY

They come out ans start to GALLERY ...

Scarlet immortelle trees

Fluttering with the breeze

In a land of love and golden sunshine

As the grass is green 

So you are my queen

And I am longing so much to make you mine ...

Royal Jail by Sparrow

"Two Thousand and 24 women, Sparrow alone is the man.  Last night ah had Mary Jane, night before it was Sweetie Lane. Sparrow alone an island but don't fret, everybody go get".  Don't remember the title but this calypso came out in the fifties and banned on the radio.  Anyone remember the title.  This was my favorite.


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