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Ah hear she BEGGING DOLLY!!! And she BEGGING ROWLEY!!! And she BEGGING GYPSY!!! And she begging LUCAS(EY)  to GIVE SHE SOME MONEY!!!

But when she was CAMPAIGNING and spouting EMPTY PROMISES -- everybody SWALLOW!!!

I say that of the 20,000 members of WHEN STEEL TALKS -- only ONE MAN read through the MAMAGUY!!!

What about PAN PROGRESS?

I know that this is a BIRTHDAYS and DEATHS FORUM!!! But I came on because I thought that it was a PAN PROGRESS FORUM.

What a WASTE of MY TIME!!!

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Well i know that BEVERLEY under REAL PRESSURE. Because she like to BOAST and get ATTENTION.

So when she gone TWO WEEKS without any PUBLIC STATEMENTS -- SOMETHING WRONG!!!

Claude:  Christmas is coming so it won't be long before she will make herself very visible


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