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Companion asks How can Pan Trinbago make money from the drag experience?

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You try to make money off the drag, you run the risk of losing support. They made money off the North Stands, look what they did. Now they wonna go after the drag. Getting young people to support pan shows/activety is at the core of everything.

Make money off the drag without changing the atmosphere of the drag can be done. Video walls can be place around the drag and you can have ads on them similar to the one on Time Square or in a mall. You can live, broadcast the action from the drag on a separate channel or on the internet like a red carpet activity. Hell, that broadcast might actually be better than the Panorama,  You can negotiate, music performance and publishing fees for the broadcast. You can broadcast the drag activities on twitch as an interactive game and make more money there than all the previous panorama years combined. 


Bugs, great ideas, all realistic. They would add to the Drag experience and, yes, create profit without keeping patrons out. The "Gated Community" effort of a few years ago was not only unprofitable, it was tragic. As was the loss of the North stand. Why can the North stand not be made permanent?

Lillan I don't know if anyone is listening. Moreover, there is no consequence for failing.

The Single Pan Panorama was held with absolutely no data to support that the event could remotely be a financial success. In fact, all past information suggest that Trinidad and Tobago will not support a Single Pan Panorama. Not even for free. 

There are many ways that this event could have been a profitable venture, but they were obviously not discussed, implemented and/or even known to the event decision makers. 

Pan Trinbago continues to show it has no understanding of how the music and entertainment business works in global setting. They continue to do things that make no business sense.

If they were 100 million dollars in debt before the show, it reasonable to believe they are further in the red after the show.  So I ask again, who is going to pay for this?

Now the crazy thing is that it seems like Pan Trinbago is looking forward to do this again. Rather come to the sober reality that in spite of how nice the music was or how great the bands may have looked or how cute the children are, this event does not make business sense.


......agree with Bugs..made a similar recommendation during the Patrick Arnold administration years ago ... but it fell flat....PANORAMA is the Super Bowl of Steelpan Music with a huge  international audience....the Broadcast of the DRAG ACTIVITY alone (capsule performances...interviews etc) can rake in significant income...get the right people interested and give it a try....its worth a try.....

Ian it is disappointing to hear that as far back as the Patrick Arnold administration that this idea was tabled. Can you tell us what was the objection at that time?

Just this morning I saw this article.  

THE BIG GAMEFox Sells Out Super Bowl In-Game Inventory, Fastest Mar...





A DORMANT liaison officer to the steelbands!!!

The wrong TREASURER!!!

And a PRESIDENT who likes to hold 100 meeting before a FINGER IS LIFTED!!!

The people that host Panorama have nothing to lose...not even money, because the money they spend to produce the show is given to them.  The people who perform have nothing to lose, because at the end of the exercise they gat paid. Big crowd, small crowd, no crowd...It matters not...They getting paid...Untill we wake up and smell the coffee Panorama will remain as it is...An exercise in anyhowness and futility...


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