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How do you grade Pan Trinbago on a scale of 1 -10 afer 50 years of Panorama?

How do you grade Pan Trinbago on a scale of 1 -10 after 50 years of Panorama?

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i give 10


Do we have headquarters?, despite the fact that Dr. Eric Williams (deceased), first P.M. of T&T. had promised a plot of land to Pan Trinbago.down Chaguaramas for the development of the Steelband. This took place around the early part of 1971, at a steelband janboree held on the beach. I played been a member of Casablanca at that time. I can vaguely  recall the presence of Desperadoes and Tokyo. 

Prime Minister Panday in his first term of office gave ue Lands at  Trincity and $4,000,000.00, we blew it.

Is there Accountability and Transparancy in the movement? iut is difficult to say yes, when the Executive committee prefers to go to court and appeal court decisions, because members have decided to oppose them at the duly held Elections. This is a democratic right of  the people of T&T/ Do you not think that if they were confident of their operations, they would not have fear of any opposition.

What are our Assets.? Vehicles which depreciate on a daily basis.

We have to beg in order thet we can get somewhere to hold a meeting.

 Major sponsors have withdrawn their support. Why? Is it about the attitude of those in command and/or lack of confidence and accountability.. No Steeelband Music Festival, No Pan in the 21st Century.No Pan down Memory Lane.

Have we been  notified of the profits mabe on the Greens, during our Panorama competition?

I can go on for a long time. So on a scale of 1-10, i give 2.

Thanks Withfield for this discussion,  However, because of my love for historical facts, I would have posed the question different since PAN TRINBAGO was only formed in 1972.  The organization that was responssible for the inception of Panorama under the late Mr.George Goddard was known by a different title. Since your question is about Panorama only, I would have broken down the various administrations into the following 4 Presidents.

                                                                                                                                                                                                   Mr. George Goddard, Mr. Owen Serette, Mr. Patrick Arnold and Mr. Keith Diaz.                                                  I cannot comment on the other administrators, because I was not involved with them.

My take is: Mr. Goddard 10, Mr. Serette 5, Mr. Arnold 8.                                                                               Since Mr. Diaz is still in office, I would not comment.  As per the saying,: It's not over until the birds sing. 

Love, Peace and Pan

Ian you are a true politician, I agree with your rating though,  I'm not waiting for the "FAT LADY" to sing I give the present admin. ah1.

Ian, yuh ducking. Before I give my grade Withfield, could you or someone give us an approximate figure as to how much money passed through the Pan Association/ Pan Trinbago accounts for the last Fifty years please? 

very good question Mr Gittens ha ha lol

What about Arnim Smith Ian?

Captain, throughout his presidency, Arnim Smith used to seek my dad's advice. My mom is right here with me and can testify to Arnim's numerous visits to our home in D' Vale. What I would like to see is answers to the question, that are based on fact and not opinion. Obviously, I would give my dad a "10" as did my colleague, Ian Franklin, however, I made sure to post a document on this forum, "Who Am I? - The Accomplishments of George "Sonny" Goddard", so that my biased opinion, is backed up with the evidence! Ironically, while my dad died penniless and broke, Arnim left his daughter with a "fortune" (reported to be in the six-figure range. Diaz seems to be doing okay, so I'm not sure what exactly is the criteria for the rating; national service or exploiting the "industry" for personal financial gain? If it's the latter, my dad is a BIG FAT ZERO! Just like what he got (back). Zero.


George my brother, it is unfortunate that sometimes in life the one that sow the seed is not the one that reap the crop. Your father did good work.

I'll be gracious and grade them a 6. There is plenty of room for improvement.

It is impossible to grade Pan Trinbago. But I will like to recall some of the activities we used to have before I went of live overseas.

REMEMBER: Blockorama, when bands get together in the parks to entertain the community? WELL NO MORE.

STAGESIDE; The bands used a selected specialized pan men for Dances etc.? WELL NO MORE

SECOND YEAR PAN MEN; they started to get money for several dance parties around carnival: DOES THIS STILL HAPPEN

PAN HEAD QUARTERS; It is thirty-six years I am out of the Country. WHERE IS THE BUILDING?

Here is my judgement of grading the improvement of governance of Pan Trinbago.


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