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Keep on playing good music and it will promote itself! 

You are doing a good job, brother. I am listening to a gem of a song on your channel right now and you are definitely playing good music! 

One thing I have learned is when you play out of love, the pan will always sustain you. It is just important to keep your expectations realistic in order to avoid disappointment, and this goes for a lot of other things besides pan. But judging from the lackluster views that brilliant pan videos like yours seem to generate, I think it is safe to say that one should not expect to get rich from playing the pan, especially as a soloist! 

The beauty about having no sponsor is the independence! Panmen never really had sponsors when you check it. This allowed the artform to develop with integrity and freedom of cultural expression as it has, which is exactly the reason WHY pan has not yet reached its full potential as far as marketability in concerned. Pan is TOO REAL, and in terms of marketability of the REAL ONES of pan, this inherent realness can be hurtful! 

You played this one like a boss. 


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