BP Renegades Has a Feeling In Its Soul Like It Born Again

by Dalton Narine

I know a delusional man who thinks he’s witnessing from the front seat of his car a flamingo laughing at the antics of a clown.

But it’s just BP Renegades arranger Duvone Stewart performing his usual nightly theatrical presentation — not those of a clown — to the music of Nadia Batson’s Hookin' Meh, sung by Farmer Nappy.

People should focus on themselves without worrying about others. This is how I see it.

For sure, the band legitimately has Duvone at its disposal and Duvone executes his routine while drilling the band in preparation for Panorama.

One sees Duvone as a flower that blossoms, then goes away, short-lived by nature, an ambitious, artistic process that features his dance. Everything looks pastel, In the mind, Shocking Pink, to boot.

The pans articulate how the music works nonstop into the dew. The journey of the music is itself the work of art, beyond painting and sculpture.

Indeed, a different realm of visual and sound experience. Not the real steely sound but the new shimmery music of the instruments, like fireflies in the glare of the panyard and flickering in the light of the moon.

Duvone now seems to be inspiring the appreciative crowds inside and outside the yard. He inspires you to get up and dance with extreme pleasure. And the band becomes part of them.

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