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I am calling on the CIP to come to the FORUM and make a statement regarding the SHORT PAY to PAN MEN!!!

From the start, it was comical for me to see the CIP trying to fight KEITH DIAZ. And when they told me that they were NOT INTO POLITICS -- ah laugh til ah nearly dead. I even offered to work with them as a political consultant to take down KEITH DIAZ and they refused my services.

Today, they are silent. So I am trying to force their hand and CALL THEM OUT  to hear more of their strategy in unseating the GREATEST POLITICIAN IN THE WORLD. Or are the BIG 3 from the CIP going to take their $500 in silence and march on to PANORAMA 2018 like good PLEBS do?

Although I am NOT A PAN LOVER, I took my first political step yesterday in an attempt to recover the $500 for those PAN PLAYERS. I am sure that that little first step is more than the whole CIP organization has done since their origination earlier this year. Of course everybody on this forum already knows that I would rather spend my time posting and ole talking on this forum than fighting some war with Rowley and Dolly to pay the PAN MEN their deficit $500. Plus, unlike the CIP, I am not trying to get a GIMME GIMME job in PAN TRINBAGO. So it will take a man with a BIG BRAIN like Dr. deLight to determine my motive for joining this battle.

Gregory Lindsay: The last time I heard from you, you were to appear on some morning TV show and the world was going to glow brighter after that. Ah never hear ah word since then. Please come on and tell the forum what the CIP is doing down there to make the STEELBAND WORLD a better place for PAN PLAYERS.

I would love to PLAY POKER with these CIP LEADERS. Every time they get dealt a card that offers a little HELP to their hand they start jumping up and dancing and celebrating. You can't beat KEITH DIAZ like that. You have to expand the playing field even if you step on a few political toes.

Yuh know how many times I uttered/hinted that last line to the CIP but they are so arrogant in their pursuit of power that they CANNOT slow down to configure the battle field. And that is why KEITH DIAZ will reign forevermore.

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Anyone talking about this unpaid $500 should ask the question, How do they feel about cutting Pan Players 50%, not 10% 20% 30%, why was  it so easy for them to take 50%?

This shows the degree of disrespect they have for Pan People.
PanPeople do not respect themselves.

Cecil: That is an easy answer!!! In August (2017) the NCC HEAD said that the NCC owed PAN MEN $4.5 MILLION. They had previously paid PAN TRINBAGO around $5 million to cover the full payment of $1000 per man. But as you remember, the bank confiscated that first "around $5 million" -- so now DIAZ was left with HALF THE MONEY (50%) to share among the PAN MEN. Big problem? NO!!!

That is when he sat down with De Silva and Dr. Dolly (your integrity-full leader) and suggested to them that if they pay the PAN PLAYERS half the money (50%) -- problem solved. Ah explain that whole thing in an earlier post. So by the time they scrubbed the "crack shots" and "double-dippers off the list -- they end up with only 7,500 Players to Pay. So they even make ah extra profit on the deal.

I would not say the the extra million went into anybody's pocket. But when ah look all the corruption in Petrotrin and The Port with the Tobago boat (and Rowley from Tobago, eh) and the Sandals and Clico and the Army men taking contracts to kill citizens -- then I could only think that it might be a good guess where that last million dollars gone.

Claude boy... like you have court clothes....

Jerry: Go to the LOCAL PAPERS and read about the FAKE OIL STORY and how cleverly the MONEY goes around in a circle greasing CHOSEN WHEELS (even buying political advertising) and you will come to realize that ALL AH WE NEED COURT CLOTHES.

Where there's a WILL, they'll always find a WAY. Where there's a BODY, there will always be a WILL. Oh? The "last million dollars"? Me eh know. I not in politics.
Lindsay at protest today in front of Pan Trinbagos office. POS.

let me apologise to my WST family for the silence but we the CIP have been bizzy. lol. no respect, no panorama.


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