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"I am disappointed to learn that it was necessary for The MP for Arima to remind the eastern region coordinator of Pantrinbago that her telephone number has not changed."

Well nobody eh keeping me informed on NOTHING NO MORE. BEVERLEY RAMSEY-MOORE went to sleep in TOBAGO and just collecting the $27,500 a month (plus perks) and PIMPING THE THA to hand over hundred of thousands of dollars so that she could buy the TOBAGO VOTES for the election.

But she eh lifting ah FINGER IN TRINIDAD to help THE TRINIDAD PAN MEN. So now when AQUIL ARRINDELL done organize AH NEXT HAMPER DRIVE -- this time with the MP FOR ARIMA -- the eastern region coordinator of Pantrinbago show up and want to take the minister to task for not inviting him to THE EVENT. Well the MINISTER had to remind him that she NUMBER EH CHANGE -- in front of everybody.

Well that WAKE UP BEVERLEY from she DEEP SLUMBER and next thing yuh know she set up ah MOTORCADE to drive up in the EAST and START TO CAMPAIGN.

Now I eh sure if so the thing really happen because all meh sources in TRINIDAD drying up like them broken down PAN YARDS across THE COUNTRY under this COVID STRAIN. And I have to read stories written by RUSSELL PROVIDENCE to try and piece this whole BACCHANAL TOGETHER.

Ah have ah whole lot of RESPECT for RUSSELL PROVIDENCE and GREGORY LINDSAY because dem two fellahs have a lot of LOVE and PASSION and DEVOTION for PAN. And I think that they should be PROMINENTLY PLACED on THE NEW EXECTUTIVE BOARD OF PAN TRINBAGO because they will work hard FOR THE GOOD OF PAN PROGRESS.

Ah still say that with THE DELTA VARIANT and the LAMBDA VARIANT crossing the T&T BORDER that BEVERLEY RAMSEY-MOORE is VERY LIKELY to postpone the election and keep collecting that BIG PAY CHECK. And it look as if ROBERT HERNANDEZ is losing a lot of ground in his bid to become the NEXT PRESIDENT OF PAN TRINBAGO. But when yuh make MENDEZ and DANE and CARLON your SLATE FOUNDATION -- bad things bound to happen along the way.

So it look like ah TWO MAN RACE right now. Let me correct that: It look like ah ONE MAN and ONE WOMAN race right now. And I am declining THE POST OF GLOBAL AMBASSADOR TO PAN -- so they should give that job to CECIL HINKSON. I have BIGGER PAN FISH TO FRY and I like to WORK BY MYSELF -- me eh into this BIG BEVERLEY COMMITTEE THING. Speaking of which: Is the LAND MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE still CUTTING THE GRASS or was that just a BERTEL GITTENS and BEVERLEY RAMSEY-MOORE STUNT?

Like ah said: All my LOCAL SOURCES just shut down on me and all I know is that BEVERLEY RAMSEY-MOORE eh LIFTING AH FINGER to help TRINIDAD PAN MEN. PEOPLE COMPLAINING TOO BAD and PAN MEN suffering like NEVER BEFORE under THIS EXECUTIVE.

Well, it have ah BIG BIG BACCHANAL COMING -- but ah under HEAVY MANNERS not to TALK ABOUT IT ... so ah still ah little bit in THE LOOP. When the MARK BUS ah go REMIND ALLYUH!!!


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