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EXPATS like Lynette Laveau and Michael Smith (Boston Carnival) and Bob Diaz and Salah Wilson (and scores of others) could all join hands to make this the INTERNATIONAL LAUNCHING of the INTERNATIONAL STEELBAND FOUNDATION. The pride I saw pouring out of the EXPATS as they watched the LOCAL LAUNCH was as much fun as actually listening to the music.

So now the EXPATS should ask themselves: WHAT CAN I DO TO HELP THIS CAUSE? And the LOCALS (THE BIG 5 EXECUTIVE) have to wake up and realize how much PASSION and HUMAN RESOURCES are available to them on the OUTSIDE. I think that the most important challenge for the BIG 5 right now is to set up a COMMUNICATIONS CENTER down in Trinidad (with trained staff -- even if you start with ONE PERSON) to establish an information flow between EXPATS who are willing to give and share with the organization according to their own level of comfort. Some might send money; some might offer good ideas; some might purchase a product. The possibilities are endless.

(Any time that they make some DECENT PAN MUSIC, I would be willing to get involved in the GLOBAL MARKETING. Thousands of other EXPATS have their own ideas and methods; we are all willing to help the cause.)

But the coordination has to begin with the BIG 5 down in TRINIDAD!!!

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Note to web Host:I am not sure why but my posts (3 attempts)are disappearing right after  being written and before I could upload them.

Claude you are coming in loud and clear on the frequency( of the universe)  that I am tapped into,in regard to the ISF. I agree with your idea. Especially as the ISF is based in T&T and EXPATS abroad are interested in assisting, it would make sense that they OWN  the initiative.

When it comes to grants and other funding sources, the recipients  should play a vital role in demonstrating that they are driving the project. 

"But the coordination has to begin with the BIG 5 down in TRINIDAD!!!"...Claude Gonzales

It's time for more trust, greater collaboration, as well as utilizing technology to communicate over vast distances.

There is Skype, Google Hang Outs, Go to Meeting and many other apps that allow for webinars and seminars online for groups among people in different locations and countries. 

The ISF can host the first webinar  to introduce their mission  personnel etc and then interested expats  and others can sign on  to be part of a FB closed group for sharing, planning, communication etc.

This is not going to happen overnight, but the  technology makes connecting swift, and feasible to do the ground work and keep the momentum going. Having an active web site goes without saying.

To the WST community of members, Your unique brilliance was not meant for you to keep to yourself and over analyze them into the trash bin, so please continue to share your ideas on this subject. Just remember this has never been done before so you are contributing to creating the prototype

Thank you Cecil  and Claude for your encouragement and acknowledgement and staying in the engine to keep the steam going for the train to keep moving. Much appreciated.

Lynette Laveau

"Having an active web site goes without saying." ... Lynette Laveau

Building Bridges between LOCALS and EXPATS is going to be the BIGGEST CHALLENGE!!! You are younger so it might happen in YOUR LIFETIME but it is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN IN MINE!!! However, as you see, I remain UNDAUNTED. I will keep pushing my little agenda to get some DECENT PAN MUSIC that could be MARKETED GLOBALLY -- with successful SALES and AIRPLAY.

It's amazing that just scant days after dissing the ISF and their proposed Big5 concert, all are now heaping praise on the organization and the successful first concert.

Before the Big5 concert there was nary a word of praise fr the coming together of the bands to form their own organization and to take the movement forward without the input of PT.

Everyone was hoping they would fail.

All the talk was "they should listen to what those on the 'outside' are saying". They don't know what they doing.

Now suddenly things change.

You would note that I have been advocating for the bands to drop PT and form their own organization for quite some time and eventually my pleading has been heard, as well as those with similar views and I presume that the way forward has already been paved and all it takes now is to set the engine in motion and head on out.

Starting with next Panorama you will see what putting good heads together and dumping the status quo will do.

There will be a lot of hot air blowing; PT will still want to be in charge, government will be confused as to whom to direct funding to, but the Big5 (might be Big 10 by then) will do their own thing and it will be a resounding success.

Mark my words (this time)

Wayne: If they are going to be an INTERNATIONAL STEELBAND FOUNDATION they SHOULD listen to what those on the "outside are saying."

I don't how you came up with that line that "everyone was hoping they would fail" because there were people on here pushing the show real hard. I will admit that there was a latent fear among some (which was not stated) that the success of the show might some how UPEND the PANORAMA. And since this is a PANORAMA FORUM (mostly) very little excitement was exhibited as the show approached.

Even the viewership was very limited: about 45 people on WST and 860-890 on Youtube.

I disagree with your last two sentences, however. KEITH DIAZ is the SUPREME POLITICIAN down in TRINIDAD and the BIG 5 WILL NOT BE ABLE to run around him and do their own thing for PANORAMA -- MARK MY WORDS!!!


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