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I am nominating Salah Wilson for PRESIDENT OF PAN TRINBAGO and Bertel Gittens for VICE PRESIDENT!!!

We should not sit around and wait for another five years for this corruption case to resolve. Half of the old-timers on this forum will be dead by then. So I say we start some sort of campaign to immediately put two life-long, devoted and honest PAN MEN in these two positions of leadership.


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Ha Ha. Who says Salah wants to leave the cold of Montreal for the heat of Trinidad.

BTW as I mentioned before it need not be one or two panmen (or women), just persons with a vision for pan and the ability to make the vision work.

Maybe panmen is not the answer.

any organisation cant run properly without proper planning and professionals

 please dont hire too many consultants

 it becomes  a feeding frenzy

 look out for cuts from  gortt also

 so any executive will face serious challenges


Well said Wayne. "You can't solve a problem with the same mind set that created it". Time to include experienced business minds that are not necessarily old pan players.

Claude, I second the motion.  Salah would be fantastic in that role. Soon to be Dr. Salah Wilson.

Jerry, I agree with you all but Salah from foreign, it is easier for ah camel to pass through the eye of ah needle.


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