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I am starting to think that if this YOUNG GROUP of PROFESSIONALS take over and they bring in LAWFORD DUPREY and ROBERT AMAR as CONSULTANTS -- PAN TRINBAGO COULD TURN TO GOLD!!!

Clearly, this is the BEST DIRECTION for PAN TRINBAGO in terms of PERSONNEL. So it would be UPLIFTING to see the ORGANIZATION put the NEXT GEN in CONTROL OF THINGS PAN!!!

And if that good looking MUSIC PROFESSOR fellah (All Trinidad Fellah) could compose ah nice piece ah music -- that is a BIG BONUS for me.

I am almost feeling as if MY MISSION on THIS FORUM might be over and I can move on to OTHER ISSUES -- LIKE CRIME!!! How much time ah spend fighting down FORTEAU and JOSEPH and THE RIGHT HONOURABLE KEITH DIAZ -- I cannot COUNT THE HOURS!!!

Two more WEEKS and once WE VOTE NO on Beverley -- PAN TRINBAGO could take the first steps towards being THE WORLD GOVERNING BODY OF PAN.

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