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I beg to disagree, Emancipation Day Parade was the wrong place

debate; agree or disagree. plz be respect all views.

by Michael Marcano:

I beg to disgree with all who think the Emancipation Day Parade was the wrong place for pan people to let there voices be heard. Emancipation is all about struggle and yes we have been physically freed but we are still mentally and financially bound. To say that we should not let our voices be heard is a form of disrespect. In other words you get your freedom so shut your mouth and keep quiet. Dont say anything because the new slave masters (in this case the 5current Administrators of Pantrinbago) is of your own race. Aslongcas we continue to believe such drivel we will never ever gain our freedom. DARE TO STRUGGLE; DARE TO WIN!

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As much I have spent years posting negative comments about KEITH DIAZ and his administrators on this forum, I cannot put THE RIGHT HONOURABLE KEITH DIAZ in the category of "new slave masters" -- I will have to go higher up the "new slave masters"  FOOD CHAIN ... like Dr. Rowley and Dr. Dolly.

But this is a PNM forum and the constituency cannot bite the hands that feed.

Keith Diaz is just an opportunist, steal-as-much-as-you-can HUSTLER!!!

Well said Mr. Marcano.

Michael I hear your point. Massa day eh done! Pan was born out of the struggle, celebrations and expressions of slaves, former slaves, and descendants. The voice of pan needs to be heard, not only pre- and post panorama, but in and on the stages and arenas that are available and that present themselves.

100% true, David. PAN  should be anywhere, everywhere. I am excited that there is a big event this weekend starting at NAPA, around the work of St Margaret's youth steel band and other youth bands. Admission free, I hope I can get a ticket! That is how it should be, every weekend at different venues  the whole country  there should be PAN thing going on.

Few really care about the meaning of this day,

Michael,I totally agree with your diagreement.I expect that everyone should seek to protect and advance the Business of Pan,which was birthed in T&T, with the Blood, Sweat,Tears and Defiance of our Pioneers.

All who celebrate Emancipation ougth to celebrate the Creation of Pan,and ensure that it benefits all of T&T, especially when our most fragile communities,are threatened by high crime and vastly reduced resources,due to the lack of Leaders with Vision.

Our Panyards must be used as classrooms, meeting spaces, spritiual centres, as this would provide an alternative to youngsters seeking a brotherhood in violent gangs.

And there is STILL the Worldwide business of Pan to add to all those other benefits.

Emancipation must be treated as a Journey,not as a Destination, reached.
I heard that Granville Sealy of TASPO recently passed. I haven't heard or read one word from Pan Trinbago or any Pan Org. Pioneers? Who cares?

Like I am the only one who READ and MIS-READ this topic. Like everybody else read it right and I read it wrong. Ah doh think that GLASSES could even help me on this one!!!

CIP participNts

Aquil Arrindell I think that we have to be careful not to let political correctness get in the way of progress. In life, we will always have struggles and the way we face them as individuals defines us. But we also have struggles which we must face as a group and the steel pan community, the african group being identified as the inventor of the instrument, should be championing our cause. Emancipation day was the most appropriate holiday to express the disrespect we face as player of the instruments our african ancestors invented for us.

It was Aquil, but most people feel it is a day to dress-up in African garbs and play theyself not understanding the true  meaning.


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