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I cannot imagine why AQUIL ARRINDELL get vex with me for criticizing BEVERLEY. And I try to be friends with that man!!!

Aquil: What do you know about the history of THIS FORUM?

On THIS FORUM everybody always hated me for being an independent voice!!! From the first day I came on THIS FORUM I was supposed recite THE ACCEPTED CREDO.

But my mother tell me that friends does carry you and they don't bring you back -- and so I always dance to my own music -- Paul Simon: I am a ROCK!!!

And now -- suddenly -- everybody JUMPING OFF the BEVERLEY BOAT.

Before the elections I put up a post telling everybody not to wait until the darkness of night to go and light candle to see what you could in Beverley daylight. But everybody dismiss my advice and they went and vote for Beverley.

Allyuh doh understand that the POLITICAL FORCES working against Beverley in TRINIDAD are sure to BURY her. When the MINISTER OF CULTURE and head of THE NCC is your biggest enemy (all skin teeth is not grin) then BEVERLEY does NOT have a chance.

That's the politics, baby!!!

Aquil: Leh we concentrate on making some good PAN MUSIC, nah!!! Yuh tell me that THE CIP is NOT into politics. But I know that you are into PAN MUSIC. And it eh have NOBODY in the world who has a better understanding of CROSSOVER PAN MUSIC than me.

Lord have mercy -- ah acting arrogant like BEVERLEY!!!

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