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I finally have to agree with MERRYTONESTOTHEBONE: What is Cockroach doing in Fowl business?

All ah dem fellahs is LONG TIME pardners!!! And EXPATS on THIS FORUM expecting CHANGE!!!

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ha ha ha..... you is a real bacchanalist yes........

everybody from south except the man with the purse........

at the last election......

La Southern-Gangstas...

Exhibit A, B, C

Merrytones was right. This is a love story gone bad.


bugs I am doing some OPPO RESEARCH on Aquil Arindell looking to see if he is MORALLY FIT to be president. The ARRINDELL DOSSIER is expected to arrive at my desk some time before THE BIG MEETING begins tomorrow!!!

Question fellas....Didn't I see somewhere that Michelle Huggins said that she would consider running for office in Pan Trinbago if she had the right backing?...Or am I making that up?...

merrytonestothebone: Your eyes may be old, but they do not deceive you!!! I saw it too!!!

They say that time longer than twine but ah feel that list of candidates longer than TIME!!!

No...I was telling a close friend that over the weekend and then decided to look it up to make sure I wasn't telling a fib...But I couldn't find it anywhere...

I was thinking of joining the list too...but ah 'fraid you, Bugs and Cecil too bad...Next t'ing yuh know ah in a movie with all meh sangabranga exposed?...Not me and alluyh WST expats atall...

Tuesday 3 April 2018 NEWSDAY

Educator and arranger Michelle Huggins-Watts, the first female arranger to win a Panorama title, said the post of PanTrinbago president requires a person who has the willingness, stamina and ability to marshal panmen across the nation to be united under a common goal ... to see pan not only survive but prosper.

While a woman in charge of PanTrinbago could be dynamic and could shatter yet another of the proverbial gender-based glass ceilings, Huggins-Wyatt said, “if a female leads but goes with similar agendas and follows previous failed prescriptions to treat the ailing art form, then it would not matter as nothing would change.”

What needs to be done, she said, whether a man or woman is in charge, is to “take a reflective approach of all the good things. All the things that need to be improved on and find ways to get the art form moving in a positive direction.”

When asked if she would consider putting herself up for office, Huggins-Watts said, “I would give it a shot but not in a singular manner. It would have to be with a team that is forward thinking as I am, sharing similar visions and prepared to work for the art form.”


And don't LUMP Cecil Hinkson in with me and bugs. Cecil is a non-confrontational peace and love man who never criticizes anybody. Just give him his PANORAMA and he is a HAPPY MAN. But me and bugs ... well, that is a kind of a DIFFERENT STORY!!!


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