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I have a new respect for BERTEL GITTENS as he tries to rebrand "STEEL DRUM" to "STEELPAN" ... because he seems to have a COSMIC INFLUNECE as INDIA catches the same backwater fever ... INDIA to“Bharat”

I have been following PAN MUSIC (STEELDRUM MUSIC) for decades. And in recent years, I have been following the INDIA AGENDA on how they were trying to build a GLOBAL INDIAN NATION integrating INDIAN EXPATS from all over the world under the INDIAN FOLD. And I could see the long-term dividends of that marketing as clear as the sun will shine.

Actually, I have argued for years on this forum about a more minuscule bondIng between TRINI EXPATS and LOCALS -- but that is a different regrettable story.

And now MODI went and get EGO CRAZY and decided to change the name of INDIA to BHARAT just when the spacecraft landed near the south pole of the moon and INDIA was in the GLOBAL LIMELIGHT shining real bright against RUSSIA and CHINA.

EGO is a hell of a thing.

Just like all the work we did in AMERICA promoting STEELDRUM MUSIC -- some ego promoting looking-for-attention-so-called-pan-lovers (insular thinking pan lovers) decided to put their name on a stamp for self-glorification changing and trying to change the AMERICAN NOMENCLATURE of the instrument allowing confusion to reign on the name of the instrument beyond the boundaries of TRINIDAD.

Ah going and write a letter to MERCEDES and FORD and WALMART and SOUTHWEST to change their names ... because since I was a little boy I heard a saying about CHANGING HORSES IN MIDSTREAM and if they want to go bankrupt -- that is the formula.

Hell, I would even advise WHENSTEELTALKS to change its name to WHENSTEELPANTALKS.


You know what? The government of T&T spends over 100 million dollars a year promoting STEELBAND MUSIC and less than $10,000 million on the NON-AFRO MUSICAL GENRES ... maybe they should reroute $100,000 a year to the REBRANDING if BERTEL GITTENS and dem are really serious about the STEELPAN BRAND. But them eh no ELON MUSK ... so I say STEELDRUM MUSIC FOREVER.

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