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I have ZERO RESPECT for any PANORAMA ARRANGER who live in AMERICA (and went to MUSIC SCHOOL in AMERICA) and then choose to go down to TRINIDAD and follow the PANORAMA PATTERNS of the LOCAL ARRANGERS

First of all, they could NEVER WIN NO PANORAMA in TRINIDAD -- so why compromise your VAST AMERICAN MUSIC BACKGROUND to try to copy and compete with the INSULAR LOCAL APPROACH to arranging a CALYPSO.

They are better of staying in AMERICA and spending their time MAKING PAN MUSIC for the GLOBAL MUSIC MARKET which THE LOCALS will NEVER EVER BE ABLE TO REACH.


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Hear ye....The gospel...According to Claude...lol...

Our own selves have to respect all who like pan. Even the great Andy Narell respect Boogsie's music. We can't bring back slavery boss. Arrangers always need to fly out from NY and the world over, to sweet TT and compete. Note,TT also have many women in TT arranging pan, years now, with Doctorate degrees in music, and cant win spit.

Patrick!!! where have u been hibernating? Are u forgetting Michelle Huggins-Watts arranger for ValleyHarps when they did Do Something For Pan and won Medium Bands Finals or r u only referring to Large Bands when u said ( Note,TT also have many women in TT arranging pan, years now, with Doctorate degrees in music, and cant win spit))

Vanessa Headly also won, with her own composition too.

Earl Richards and Cecil, small band and medium band is not real. Just make-up to give players a pay check and a practice session to get a play in a large band (players still jumping around, no loyalty to a band). Large band is what counts when we talk about arranging pan. Here is where skilled arrangers arrange a tune, not copy an arrangement. And you guys need to be honest about it. Notice, the last 10 years, none of the men, front line players of all large bands, don't have the skill/knowledge to arrange for a large band in addition to those with doctorate degree of pan. This is frightening for the future of panorama today. The last 10 years and today, we can easily predict the first four bands placings for the finals.

patrick there are a lot of young arrangers ready for prime time..

Where have you been for the last 10 years Patrick?...


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