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I just don't see how you could put a bunch of OLD RECYCLED PAN TRINBAGO MEN in a NEW EXECUTIVE and expect to see PAN PROGRESS!!!

So I think that we are looking at a continuation of the PANORAMA EXECUTIVE where the members sit around all year pretending to be busy while waiting for the NEXT PANORAMA and the 22 MILLION$ from THE DOLLY.


No LOCAL OUTREACH to sources that could help move the organization forward!!!

No GLOBAL OUTREACH to tap into the PAN HUNGRY MARKETS around the world!!!

No NETWORKING with the THOUSANDS of EXPATS involved in pushing the culture from one CONTINENT to the NEXT!!!

No strategies to wipe out the 41 MILLION IN DEBT!!!

Three HARD WORKING MEN with a little bit of ADMINISTRATIVE SKILLS could knock out all the items above in about SIX MONTHS. And dem PAN MEN going and vote in about 10 MIMIC MEN to sit down in the office for 3 years while winter after winter turn to spring after spring and dem fellahs eh accomplish a thing.

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Thank God we doh have no winter and spring.

Mercer: It must have SPRING in T&T -- look how green the GRASS IS!!!

Claude,   you are the bravest pan supporter the WORLD will ever know.  You keep on pushing the envelope but so far the fish not biting.  Never mind all that, I am still supporting your corner  ..... never mind you change corners according to your crystal ball.

Brenda H.

Brenda: You and I have had a common experience of supporting PAN in NORTH AMERICA putting in time and money and energy in the hope of seeing some kind POSITIVE RESULTS with linkage between the TRINIDAD MOVEMENT and the EXPAT EXPANSION of the MUSIC BASE.

But like all the effort and energy went to NOUGHT.

And when you really look at it objectively it was nothing but a HUSTLE both in THE MECCA and THE FOREIGN by the SUPPOSED CULTURE GUARDIANS!!!



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