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I am sure that not too many people in the rest of the world will get upset when we call HELON FRANCIS "CALYPSO KING OF THE WORLD" ... and I figured out what I was hearing in terms of the delivery style of the lyrics and I could live with it. So now I could listen to the song about 10 times in a row.

But most of all I am thrilled to see such a YOUNG PERSON win the CALYPSO CROWN!!!

Trinidad Express

Helon Francis emerged as the new 'Calypso King of the World' when he captured the 2018 National Calypso Monarch title at Sunday's Dimanche Gras at the Queen's Park Savannah, Port of Spain.

Published on Feb 12, 2018, 7:40 am ASTBy Donstan Bonn

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Heartiest congratulations to Helon Francis! It was a solid performance and, "Change" was very well received. I like that it is the new form but has solid Kaiso content.

I was and am delighted that a young person won. It was a wonderful performance as well. Congratulations Helon and the youth of T&T. Now for him to be understood by the country and taken seriously especially by the youth

His bandit factory reference (although he did not coin the term) took me back to the LATE SIXTIES and EARLY SEVENTIES when I saw the seeds being planted in the hills that adjoin Malick with San Juan above Saddle Road around the Sunshine Avenue and Bagatelle Road area.

The writing was on the wall for me then as I saw crime starting to raise its ugly head even before the factory got prolific in birthing the bandits. But I have to admit that I could not see it getting as bad as it was today and nobody doing anything about it.

And if Rowley's economic gamble fails -- we eh see NOTHING YET!!!

But back to the CALYPSO. Helon should invest in some VOICE LESSONS and then he should put a writing team together and they should EXPAND on the specifics of the CHANGE that he proposes and expects from the politicians and citizens.

That would be EXCITING as his NEXT YEAR SONG!!!

It took me a couple days to sort it out. But to me the song has an AMERICAN FOLK MUSIC approach with a touch of BROTHER VALENTINO. Being an OLD CALYPSO HEAD in terms of structure and delivery -- I had to find some context to appreciate this modern work!!!

But I am glad that he got the VICTORY/And wish the CHANGE could really start with HE ....


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