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I never related to this song but I met a CLUB OWNER from LA and he told me that if you ever want to get people on the DANCE FLOOR -- PLAY THIS SONG!!! I still don't get it but 1.7 million views ...

... is 1.7 million views!!! And you have to RESPECT THAT!!!

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... and here is another song (without lyrics -- a BOOGSIE COMPOSITION) that I witnessed myself and still can't resolve.

Whenever THE OUR BOYS STEELBAND (led by PATRICK ARNOLD) played this song in THE BAY AREA -- WHITE PEOPLE automatically got up and danced. And I am not talking about ONE SHOW -- I attended HUNDREDS of PERFORMANCES by the OUR BOYS STEELBAND out here and it became predictable. Everybody is sitting down listening to the PAN MUSIC -- nobody is on the DANCE FLOOR.This song comes up and there is almost a ROBOTIC RESPONSE.

I never ever PRAISE BOOGSIE -- but I have to give him credit for THIS ONE because I was a WITNESS from a FRONT ROW SEAT.

This is why we need a REAL ERO in PAN TRINBAGO if we want to GLOBALIZE PAN MUSIC!!!



I  loved this tune when it first hit the airwaves and in those days I  would wine like crazy.  I didn't care who wanted to watch me do a circular wine to the ground and back up.  

When this video came out I hated that the winer was the best they could find who did no justice to the song..  It infuriated me then and even worse now.  But for the song itself, ... I will always be on the dance floor even if I am so many more years older and can't wine down and back up.... and... I could still do a better job. 

Byron Lee & the Dragonaires really nailed it with their rendition.

(I do have a popular name here in SoFla.)

Hence I'm ticked at that lousy dancer.

Brenda H.

Brenda: Do you think that you could MAKE IT ON THIS VIDEO?


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