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I think that BEVERLEY RAMSEY should come and do a QUESTION and ANSWER session with THE FORUM

Tell us about her PLANS to take the organization to HIGHER HEIGHTS. Ah promise ah will not ask any questions. I will let her BIG BACKERS on THE FORUM lead THE WAY.

Since everybody saying that BEVERLEY going and WIN, I only have ONE SUGGESTION. And that is she set up an EMERGENCY FUND FOR PAN MEN. OKAY! OKAY! PAN PLAYERS!!! (Allyuh killing me with this POLITICAL CORRECTNESS THING!)

A WELL-FUNDED ACCOUNT!!! Imagine yuh house get BURN DOWN and you have to be waiting for your PANORAMA PAYMENT to be making ends meet. And PAN TRINBAGO doh have ah red cent to give because THE EXECUTIVES TEEF out all the money and end up in a BIG FIGHT over the SMALL CHANGE left over!!!

Over HALF A MILLION PAN AND CULTURE LOVERS AND PATRIOTS -- all around the world. So if TEN PERCENT ah dem DIEHARD PAN LOVERS send ah little bit of change to that FUND -- next thing you know it have all KINDA MONEY in the ACCOUNT.


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Me too.

Why is only The Aquil and The Gregory willing to answer all questions anywhere?

What Ramsey-Moor afraid of?

Ms Moor will you seek to have Rolly Polly jailed for the missing 32 million?

Will you move have all involved in the luxury car caper jailed?

Will you give a break down on the slush fund known as the Greens?

Will you explain to the Pan community who is FCL's Daniel Lambert? 



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