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I think that the FORUM is lucky to have Miss Gillian Bishop giving informal "lectures" on "PANORAMA MUSIC APPRECIATION"

Miss Gillian Bishop is the most authentic, knowledgeable, experienced, informed, in-the-mix PAN LOVER COMMENTATOR I have ever seen come on this forum. And she has been imparting a lot of technical aspects of the PANORAMA ARRANGEMENTS -- not in broad generalizations -- but with specific references.

So I hope PAN and PANORAMA ENTHUSIASTS on this forum take note.

I know that she does not like the limelight. But it sure would be nice to have a QUESTION and ANSWER session with her on the structure of the PANORAMA ARRANGEMENT. Or maybe WHEN STEEL TALKS can do an interview with her specific to PANORAMA MUSIC APPRECIATION.

I am sure that merrytonestothebone and Dr. deLight are saying "speak for yourself, Claude ... you is the one who need to learn" -- but this is a GRAND OPPORTUNITY for EVERYBODY on the forum that should NOT be MISSED.

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Who does she do commentary with (media channel?)? Is she related to the late great Pat Bishop?

Dear Steven, No and Yes, in that order.

Dear Mr Gonsalves, Thanks for your compliments, but I’d like to stay in the shadows where I belong, enjoying and learning. When I feel that I can make a contribution, I will, but I’M NO EXPERT and not ready for the Q and A.....you have my friends in pan laughing at me!


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