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I thought that TODAY was one of the most dramatic days I have ever seen on the forum ...


Khuent Rose giving that lecture!!!

Michael Joseph trying to distance from the NCC!!!

Big PAN TRINBAGO meeting brewing at night!!!

Gregory Lindsay marching against Keith Diaz!!!

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An interesting day indeed.


Claude Gonzales.......the weak leader reporting...checkmate in two moves at HQ.....

Does that mean: You make two more moves and KEITH DIAZ STEPS DOWN? How long before the CHECKMATE? Who will be PRESIDENT: You or Aquil? Is Oswald Alexander going to be on the executive committee? Is the Executive going to consist of Afro-Trinis only? Will Forteau keep his job? Are you going to have any EXPATS on the executive committee?

Please come on the forum and do an interview with us so that we can learn a little bit about the direction you are going to be taking the ORGANIZATION!!!

I particularly like the question: Is the executive going to consist of Afro-Trinis only? Nice question, great question, interesting question. Oh dear, what will the answer be?
Next thing they'll say they want to take Wee Ting and give it to Indians, Syrians and Chinese. I say give it to the Grenadians and let Khuent Rose run it. P.S Khuent is not Grenadian.
This " PAN" ting is excellent, if only for its comedic value.
Ping Pong and Comedy. What a joke!!!!!

Aquil Arrindell is not interested to be president of pan trinbago. there ppl in the moment more experience, more articulate and capable than me in the steel band moment. they just don't have more balls. lol, but we will overlook that for now. Or would we?


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