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I've changed my mind again. The stars say "All Stars" But...

Okay folks with the order of appearance out, the stars seem to be aligned for a Trinidad All Stars win. They are a great band, with a great song that matches them and they are playing at position ten. And their arranger, Smooth, knows how to finish off the competition. But the stage is also set for the making of some real Panorama history and greatness. Imagine if Desperadoes was the win from position 1 or Phase II was to close the gap and win after trailing from way behind after the semi-finals. Any band that wins Panorama this year will make history.

I'm not playing it safe. I'm going for history. Too much great music in this Panorama.

1. Despers
2. All Stars
2 Phase II
4 Renegades
4 Supernovas
6 Tropical Angel Harps

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Bugs: The draw favors ALL STARS and wipes EXODUS off the map. I think that the JUDGES are under the ZANDA SPELL so they could still PUT him in 1st place -- but it defies reasoning given the stiffness of this competition. Flip a coin and it is ALL STARS/DESPERS or the other way around. Ah think Boogsie is PAST HIS PRIME so 3RD will be hard for him to get. And the judges like to PUT Duvonne in 3RD. So SUPERNOVAS 4th and Phase II 5th.

What a terrible draw for  EXODUS.

I agree Claude no chance for Exodus in that position. Exodus should ask Desperadoes if they would like to trade positions. That way people can come to the Savannah or tune around mid-night and catch an awesome show.


Boogsie past his prime eh?

Tell that to all the other bands and arrangers...see wha dey say

Claude....If you remembered a previous forum discussion on which Good Morning was best. I predicted an All Stars win. I said then it didn't matter who played Good Morning best because they would be fighting for second place. Take that and I will say Good night to the Full Extreme.



All stars

Desperadoes is going to set the bar high by playing first but the other bands have a few days to make some changes . The first and last positions could spell disaster and with XO out in that early morning Trinidad dew the canopies would have been helpful to the players and the steel pans . So that leaves us with a dark horse and they are in a good position playing the very popular soca hit song by Orlando "Single". My picks are Tropical Angel Harps, All Stars, Desperadoes, Renegades, Skiffle, XO. Invaders, Supernovas, Starlift and Silver Stars in that order. Yes I said it ! Since the only south will not win they will cushion it and give it to Clayton Morris central band when in reality South / Central is in the same Panorama zone ! Tropical Angel Harps has been knocking on the savannah doors for a long time and all of Chaguanas and Central are backing them. Ah lie !


I take your point but for the record if Despers were to win, history would be repeated. In 1991 Despers played in position one and won with a Robbie's arrangement of Musical Volcano.. . . . . .and. . . . Renegades did not come 4th : )

Yes Despers played No:1 in 1991 and won with Robbie's Volcano. All Stars did it twice in 1973 and 2010 . The last time was "Showtime" playing a Silver Stars tune. Its not impossible.

Didn't Despers under Robert Greenidge with Musical Volcano win Panorama playing at position #1?

If so, would it then be history if Despers won Panorama playing at position 1 a second time?

Supernovas, Starlift, Silver Stars, Despers, AllStars. Anything different would be considered cheating or tiefing. Take yuh pick. I'm not drunk, Claude.

Those who giving up on Boogsie might have a shock coming. His music this year is not the typical Panorama jam down so he is a a disadvantage which could go in his favour or against, so he could come in first of fifth depending on how the judges take it or if they even have the capacity to judge him.

In any case he has completely replace all the music from the semis leaving only the opening bars intact.

Let's see what the judges say, but for me it's more than time for a change in the Panorama format

INVADERS is playing the perfect  tune this Panorama, because it is quite evident that this band should be part of the the "ULTIMATE REJECTS" crew, but in the steelband world. INVADERS has shown so much Character, especially when "Birdie" Mannette was replaced as Captain and Leader. Don't let the Sins of the parents continuously fall on the children. It is not about how good Invaders perform, but how some people just dislike Invaders, it is like this band just doesn't exist, but "We Jamming still".  


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