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Ian Franklin will be a very good fit for Pan Trinbago, (1) He is very knowledgeable about Steel band History, (2) If he is wrong about something he will admit his error, (3) He will go to the very end to find the truth, (4) and he will be an asset to Pan Trinbago. If Pan Trinbago wants to advance they need to hire GOOD PEOPLE, (ok, lets talk about it, pan family)


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Ian Franklin is the man that wrote & compiled  the book, "400 QUESTIONS & ANSWERS ON PAN, 1960 to present

ok...I know how he is now....but has he indicated an interest in being of assistance to Pan Trinbago?

Yes Bigmacttwi, Ian has indicated that he has an interest in working for Pan Trinbago, look in Forum "Bertram Speedy ash has passed" on Dec 05th 2011 Ian ask Mr Anthony Mcquilkin, Quote "is Pan Trinbago hiring, please advise" unquote. On Dec 06th 2011, Mr Mcquilkin advised Ian that Hiring depends on what level of sponsorship the Organisation gets. On dec 07th 2011,Ian said that he hope that he is granted an inteview at least , The conversations were so interested that I decided to open a new Forum "Ian will be a good fit for Pan Trinbago", so you can see Mr Ian Franklin is very much interested in offering his services to Pan trinbago.(I do not know much about Mr Mcquilkin, but it seems like he might be affiliated with Pan Trinbago, I am not sure)

It look like we are about to embark on another round of a topic we have been kicking around all year. I am waiting to see when will we have an organization in place to do the demolition and restructuring, or are we just going to talk for another year.

mba you are so correct leadership in an organization as Pan Trinbago requires more than just a body of knowledge in history and I am sure any leader needing info can find a certain amount of it with the adequate networking.
As a matter of fact, Nyomba has described the blueprint of true leadership still just a pleasing illusion in most cases. WST can probably use him, and yes I also agree with Evan Pantrinbago do not like knowledgeable people, to add more in areas with power seekers such is persona non grata.

What does Ian have to say about this Bede? I have seen any comments from him.

Aye, Clayton, Even tho' I posted this Forum about Mr Ian Franklin he has not called me concerning this or told me what to say.He is just letting the CHIPS fall wherever they may be. I like that, this shows that he has Character, Dignity and most of all Honesty. The last time I spoke to him was on Facebook bout a week and a half ago, it was nothing bout Pan Trinbago, we do not speak that often. Hire the man Pan Trinbago

Bede I agree with you that Ian would be an asset to Pan Trinbago for he has the credentials and Personality for such . In this the electronic age he may be able to do the job from his home in the USA and come down when required . His Expertise would surely be welcomed . Thanks .

Someone as accomplished and knowledgeable as Ian Franklin would definitely be an asset to Pan Trinbago, and to the steelband movement in T&T.
His breath of experience, however is partly based on years spent away from Trinidad, and this may make him a difficult fit.

Culturally Trinidadians are reluctant to follow the leadership of anyone who've spent a majority of years abroad (unless you're named Dr Eric Williams) .
I've lived away from T&T for many years and that attitude may have changed.
But, I doubt it!

Well! Well! 

                  Bede thanks for stating the fact that I am not in anyway challenging "the powers that be" of         Pan Trinbago. My days of managing ended in 1994. I went on vacation and realized that there was more to life than work. I was not listening to my wife when she told me on many an ocassion, I am a "workaholic."            For the last 16 years, I merely worked to "put a food on the table."  I am now retired so I travel to and from T&T often. I would like to be part of Pan Trinbago for some of the the following reasons. Pan Trinbago is the head body for pan the world over, so their website should be mostly informative. There is a website in Switzerland, I would not mention its name.  But, the infomation on that foreign pan-website is so vast, it makes OURS' laughable.       I used OURS instead of Pan Trinbago, because we are all in this together. I saw that                                       Mr. Beverly Griffith was missing from said foriegn site's "lexicon," so I contacted them, e mailed info, and would you believe that Mr. Griffith's name was added on the same day.                                                                  That is the kind of expediency we need at Pan Trinbago.  Any business Headquaters must be infomation friendly, i.e, Accuracy and Customer Service are vital.As a past manager in the US, I still possess my expertise.  Thanks to all for the great kudos, but I have not officially applied for an appointment with Pan Trinbago.   

Glenroy: just as a point of information, Patrick Arnold lived in the US for some time before he returned to TT (in 1996?) and became president of Pantrinbago. Maybe Pantrinbago needs a makeover. The management/leadership model may need some changes to allow, for example, for an advisory group made up of members of the pan fraternity who live abroad. It is clear to me that more work should be done in TT and abroad to secure future benefits for the people of TT from the international spread of pan. It is up to steelbands who are members of Pantrinbago to call for new leadership and direction for the steelband movement.

Mr Nyomba, You are correct, Pantrinbago must see itself as an international body .


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