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If Carnival Monday was declared exclusively Steelband Carnival Monday , would young people stay home ?

It has often been said on this forum by Claude and others that "Young people doh like pan for carnival" for various reasons.
As we all know , steelbands own the Brooklyn Labor Day J'ouvert , and many , including young people seem to enjoy it.
So I pose this question to the forum.
Let us suppose that the Trinidad government declared something like this :

Since the pan is our national instrument and a significant part of our culture , we have decided to promote the steelbands as a major part of our national festival.
Seeing that there is little activity on Carnival Monday , we've decided to devote Carnival Monday celebrations as exclusively a Steelband Carnival.
We feel that such an investment in the Carnival would benefit both the steelbands and the nations coffers , since we anticipate an increase in tourism related activties.
Funds provided will be used to assist the steelbands in preparing for the street parade .

We feel that since this would be a steelbands only carnival parade , it would offer the best opportunity for the steelbands to be seen and appreciated and promoted, locally and internationally.

My question is , would young people stay home on Carnival Monday under such circumstances ?

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Trevor Parris, I love your comment, I think they use too broad a brush to paint the young people in T&T. It is almost as if they want to blame the youth for the state of the steelband.

We have to challenge the youth, they are looking for leadership, involve them as much as possible, they might just surprise the nay sayers.

Cecil, no one wants to blame the youth for the state of the steelband, the steelband has been in a "state" for a long time. Trevor says "look around every event the young ppl has taken it over". Have you seen young ppl really enjoying pan music? Panorama? No, that's for the money. I would use a broader brush to paint the youth's non-appreciation for the pan and it's music. The youth go to events for "d lime". Nutten else.

Glen. I Like This. If Carnival Monday was Made Exclusive to Pan it would be a Good Thing. Most Young People Would Gravitate to the Steelbands. As Long that there is No Distractions from Other Musical Influences they Would Come Out. Young People Love Music. That's One of the Reason So Much Young People Like to Play Pan.

... at a point in time, MR. YOUNG, but that revolution of the earth in that particular space and evolution of time is LONG GONE!!!

"No distractions from other musical influences" Ban all music and instruments except pan, yeah, I can see the youths gravitating to pan. Young ppl like to play pan, not for the music, but for the gallery and a few dollars, and a few dollars more if they have the skill and time to play for up to ten bands.

Bede, I agree with Cecil that the organizational skills is what have All Stars as the leader of the pack!!!   I too live abroad as you know, but when I do go home I play Monday Mas with the Steelbands, Silver Stars, Starlift and most recently with All Stars.  However,  I have much faith in my young people though, that if Carnival Monday is dedicated to only steelband on the roads, they will eventually join.     I believe it's a great idea, but much planning will need to take place to execute such a plan with Steelbands on the streets of Trinidad & Tobago on Carnival Monday. 

I am not sure what the meanings of "young" and "old" are in the context of pan. If young is between 15 and 35, there are both young and old in there, as evidenced by the make -up of pan players in ALL bands. If old is 35 plus, the there will be old-people support.

In any event, support will be evidenced by both presence and spending of money. Additionally, visitors will, I believe/think have an opportunity to see and hear pan on the road as opposed to on the stage performances. Road arrangements and Bomb tunes will make for excitement and a closer feel.

Of course,trucks will have to take a side!   

 For the purpose of this discussion , David Ragobar , "young' would be people under 35 , who have no memory of a powerful steelband presence on the streets of T&T.

Indeed , I do believe that the nation's collective memory of the power of pan on the road is fading , since as time goes by , fewer and fewer Trinidadians would have experienced it.

And this is why there may be little enthusiasm among  the youth about something of which they know little.

The solution is for the government to give the youths carnival Monday and the steelband and challenge them to do what they want, give them the ability to do something for the steelband.

I Have Observed through the Years that Our Present Crop of Young People are Only Interested in Pan at Panorama. Its a Given Fact. Young People of Today are so Much Different than those of Long ago.The Players are Programmed to that Ten [10] Minutes of Fame and that's All they Think about. Even If The Government  Allowed Pan on the Roads Exclusively Carnival Monday and Tuesday  it will have the Same Results. Its Time that they Older Folks Like My Buddy Glen and Others Realize that and Stop Trying to Make Blood out of Sand. Young People Only Want Panorama. That is Why I Continue to Preach that Without Panorama PAN DEAD. Bless

BTW , people , my comments are not meant to blame the youths , and younger pan players for the state of steel-band participation in carnival today.

As far as I know , most steel-bands, and the steel-band origination itself are not led by young people, but by veteran (older)panmen and women.

For the most part , the table has been set by us , the elders.

The youth just consume the menu that was prepared

( I've given up. I've finally decided to hyphenate "steel-band". It seems to agree with my spell checker)

Just Like in The Past the Young People  now, have the Sway. My Buddy Glen Wants to Relive the Past,. He and others must realize that Times have Changed. Gone are the Days when there were Brass Bands Playing Music on Trucks. -- Steel Bands Playing in Parties and Steel bands Playing Mas on the Streets on Carnival Days- Musical Combos Playing in Fetes  - Even BRASSORAMA. Gone are those Days. This is the Now and We Have to Live in the Now, Like it or Not For Better or Worse. We Cant Force Our Nostalgia on the Young People, Now is their Time. We Had Our Time So Let them Have theirs. From Phone Booths to Cell Phones.  I Hope that You All Had Fun in Your Times because it is Not Coming Back.


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