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If Carnival Monday was declared exclusively Steelband Carnival Monday , would young people stay home ?

It has often been said on this forum by Claude and others that "Young people doh like pan for carnival" for various reasons.
As we all know , steelbands own the Brooklyn Labor Day J'ouvert , and many , including young people seem to enjoy it.
So I pose this question to the forum.
Let us suppose that the Trinidad government declared something like this :

Since the pan is our national instrument and a significant part of our culture , we have decided to promote the steelbands as a major part of our national festival.
Seeing that there is little activity on Carnival Monday , we've decided to devote Carnival Monday celebrations as exclusively a Steelband Carnival.
We feel that such an investment in the Carnival would benefit both the steelbands and the nations coffers , since we anticipate an increase in tourism related activties.
Funds provided will be used to assist the steelbands in preparing for the street parade .

We feel that since this would be a steelbands only carnival parade , it would offer the best opportunity for the steelbands to be seen and appreciated and promoted, locally and internationally.

My question is , would young people stay home on Carnival Monday under such circumstances ?

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We all cannot adopt a defeatist attitude towards the steelband and carnival, to do so would mean that we have failed it, we gave up before it became a success, somewhere along the way we got lost and stop looking after the it and we end up where we are today.

After 60-70 years we just pack it in, we seem to be forgetting that we invent the pan, we like to boast that we gave pan to the world but in the country of it's birth it's looked at as a bastard child at carnival.

It took about 2-3 generations to reach here, let's take 2-3 generations to make it successful. We have to realize how big it is to invent a whole family of instruments, when we do we'll understand why we are responsible for it's development.

Outside looking in: What you wrote is the truth and nothing but the truth! 

We'v also forgotten WHY we invented the pan , Cecil.

The roots !

The pan was created for Carnival. 

It is the national musical instrument of T&T . 

 Carnival is the national festival of T&T , of which the most visible, exciting  and important part is the street parade.

I cannot see why suggesting ways in which the steelbands could exploit this period based on lessons learnt is reliving the past as Val says.

I would again say that if steelbands are not capable of providing party music for the street music festival for which it was created, then what exactly is its purpose?

Only for an annual savannah music competition?

I think this does a disservice both to the steelbands and to the carnival.

On the contrary. If all the bands that were in Panorama this year played on the streets on Carnival Monday, there will be a pan explosion. Also many more young people will participate. Remember Carnival was always mas, pan and calypso, and the grandmaster said "de road make to walk on Carnival day"


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