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That seems simple enough for me. They have over 10,000 PAN PLAYERS in TRINIDAD. And they must have at least a MILLION PANS and PAN STICKS ... and the GOVERNMENT does not dictate who could come on the road with WHAT INSTRUMENTS.

So I don't know why people are angsting and dying inside emotionally because more PANS are not on the road for Carnival.

Just like the BIG 5 formed an ISA to promote PAN AND PLAYERS ON THE OUTSIDE -- PAN ON THE ROADERS could form a PAN ON THE ROAD FOUNDATION and push their agenda.

But, to me, from the looks of things (a view of the reality -- and not FANTASY-- on the ground) ... I feel that we PASS THAT STAGE.

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"If the people in Trinidad wanted etc, etc. There is a calypso, Claude (check yuh archives), where the singer says that Trinidadians don't know what the hell they want.
Whether it is "on the road" or in the sky, it eh goin' no way.

Claude pretty soon the only pan music we would get on the road for CARNIVAL, would be played by "DJ'S on a truck" one of the Big steelband in PORT OF SPAIN already started this trend.THE PAN MEN AND WOMEN OF TODAY ONLY INTERESTED IN PLAYING THE PAN FOR PANORAMA!!....

Knolly and Patrick: Allyuh come on this forum and giving meh ah set ah basket. When dem PAN ON THE ROAD LIKE THE SIXTIES FELLAHS come and start terrorizing meh allyuh better come and back meh up, eh!

But allyuh right.

It eh goin' no way

Unless it get PLAYED on a truck by ah DEE JAY

Problem is, if all "Pan sides" come on the road....where is the "money" in that? You now have to pay all the players, which would be more than what you'd pay one or two D.J's. It now leaves more room for "paying" players. Consider as well the logistics of moving Pans through the streets, and having to intercept with other bands, which was no easy feat in the old days......looking at all the ramifications, I don't see this as viable possibility......and do NOT forget that AGE is the other factor that's being overlooked. Our contemporaries may want this out of "nostalgia" not reality. 

How players are paid for Borough Day, We Beat, Pan on the Avenue?

The real problem is there is too much negative vibes around the steelband, if half the people that says NO WE CAN"T put a positive spin on the situation we could come up with a plan but it is easy to say them days done. ALL STARS ain't saying that.

You have  pan on the road 3-4 times during the year but you have a problem with organizing and coming on the road for a few hours for carnival when you have the largest market for what you do.

Negativity powers Stagnation.

So,so,true Cecil, you forgot the one on the Eastern Main Road,Laventille . I find that if you can't say or do anything positive towards the situation,,, don't say anything at all. Blessings.

Morning Glory, Carib, Stag, Heinlein, Angostura, Fernandes, WITCO, bmobile all these people have GUILT money they would love to spend on the steelband on the road, but the steelbands has to approach them UNIFIED and with a plan.

Ah provide ah STARTING POINT for the NOSTALGIA GANG to bring PAN BACK ON THE ROAD LIKE IN THE SIXITES more than once and they NEVER LIFTED A FINGER. They just want the GOVERNMENT TO HAND KEITH DIAZ FIFTY MILLION DOLLARS to put STEELBANDS back on the road for Carnival. And allyuh know that KEITH DIAZ will take 49 million and put in his pocket and spend 1 million on the PAN ON THE ROAD TING and that will be more BACCHANAL.

Allyuh doh read the papers. The Government do so much borrowing and run up so much debt --we two steps away from going back to the IMF. Dey doh have no money to pay steelband to play on the road.

Anyway, this is the last time ah repeating mehself on this topic. Something about a journey of a thousand bands on the road for carnival beginning with a single band.

So Morning Glory living in Trinidad and Cecil Hinkson living in FOREIGN and both ah dem want PAN BACK ON THE ROAD ROLLING ON THE GROUND LIKE IN THE SIXITES. More than once I tell them to do some basic research and find out how much it will cost to bring ONE BAND on the ROAD for CARNIVAL WITH MAN PUSHING PAN ON THE GROUND like in the sixties. Everything have a cost. Let MORNING GLORY walk the road and determine the costs. Ah tell him that Oswald Alexander done work out the costs and put it on the forum years ago. So he have a starting point!!! Call up Oswald Alexander!!!

So now once you determine how big your BAND ON THE ROAD just like in the SIXTIES is going to be and how long it will stay on the road and whether you will have MAS with paying players and all dem kind ah details -- then you have a COST FACTOR to work with. When allyuh get that NUMBER come back on the forum with it and we will go to PHASE II and ah not talking about BOOGSIE BAND.

Allyuh ascribing too much power to me. MY NEGATIVE VIBES causing PAN NOT TO BE ON THE ROAD WITH MAN PUSHING LIKE IT WAS IN THE SIXITIES. Ah doh think meh VIBES so strong -- NEGATIVE or POSITIVE. Ah still say that if THE PEOPLE down in LAX want PAN ON THE ROAD FOR CARNIVAL WITH PEOPLE PUSHING just like in the SIXTIES that is what we would be seeing for CARNIVAL.

I agree. For me, one of the glories of carnival was jourvert morning, beating a piece of iron, and surrounded by the rumbling sounds of bass, high bass, and cellos with double seconds and tenor pounding out a tune like "my pussin". I am talking about the band, not a few pans on a truck. But that's me. People now just want a steady nonmusical beat to wine. For me we passed the Rubicon. Trinidadians just don't know how to preserve their heritage. There is now more pan on the road in London and Brooklyn than all parts of Trinidad combined. A poignant moment for me was this past carnival. I was standing on Cipero street in San Fernando jourvert morning. Pan Elders, who had just won with a breathtaking rendition of "roti and talkari" (one of the most amazing panorama performances I have witnessed--I was there in the savannah. And here they were, pounding out a tune on the street, and there were just 3 or 4 stragglers behind them. I realized then that all was lost.

Nice passage Mr. Archibald!!!

Lennox Archibald, You are correct Trini don't know how to preserve their Heritage, what's worst is that they don't see the need to preserve their Heritage. The state of things today is a result of years of BAD leadership.


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