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Immediately following Carnival 2017 - Gov’t to audit Pan Trinbago


Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - Culture Minister Dr Nyan Gadbsy-Dolly said following Carnival 2017, Government will be conducting a forensic audit into Pan Trinbago.

Speaking at the post-Cabinet briefing on Wednesday, she said this is being done in response to allegations of misconduct within the organisation.

"Immediately following Carnival 2017, there is going to be a forensic audit into Pan Trinbago."

"We expect that the organisation will cooperate with Government in this regard."

"This is a valid concern to the Government because Pan Trinbago does receive large amounts of public money," she said. 

Dr Gadsby-Dolly said in 2014, $34 million was passed through Pan Trinbago for that event, while in 2015 $30 million was allocated, while in 2016 a total of $23 million was allocated.

She noted that gate receipts to amounting to $8.5 million also went to Pan Trinbago last year. 

She said the National Carnival Commission (NCC) has taken steps regarding allegations of misuse to ensure monies will be directed as intended.

The NCC will also be collecting gate receipts this year, saying this will give Government a clearer picture on the how funding is obtained and dispersed. 

She said that this will be done in line with a recent 'right to audit' clause introduced by Government, the first of its kind, which requires that organisations receiving large allocations of public funds be subject to review.

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And why not start this audit right now? Anyone wants to bet that sometime soon a mysterious fire or flood or something will destroy all the files and records?

Rod, don't telegraph any ideas...  Lord, we know they already have that planned, ent...

 as usual grand charge talk

 time to hit the road and slash and burn

Claude Gonsalves......where are you?....
Claude.... Claude...... Come back nuh man, say something nuh....ah feeling WEAK....
Is not you singing for your supper at PanTrinbago!!!...

Gregory: I was going to respond with a posting to this topic and then Evan Lobo expressed my thoughts so there was no need for the redundancy.

Let me do a little singing for the monthly supper that KEITH DIAZ serves me. You and your cabinet-elect and Doctor Dolly and the NCC could combine your brains into ONE and KEITH DIAZ will still make mince meat out of your opposition. First of all, I don't think THE DOLLY would follow through with that bluff to audit. And even if she does, she will find NOTHING incriminating in our books -- especially if some careless smoker burns down our office quite by accident.

I am sure that both YOU and DOCTOR DOLLY know that the STAKES are VERY HIGH in this game and Trinidad being the way Trinidad is today -- is a pretty dangerous place.

Doh count yuh eggs until yuh chickens hatch and grow up and start laying some.


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