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It is a shame that a big band like Skiffle Bunch cannot produce some young Trinidad Arrangers from their sponsored band. You have over a hundred players every year and the question is. Why can't you train some of them in music and arrangements? By importing Foreign Born Arrangers just to win a Panorama shows bad management and a lack of shame and a slap in our country's education abilities. There is no excuse for your Band's decision. Stalin, Merchant and Relator knew this from their past songs. Pan in Danger and we are importing our own culture. Imagine some of these Band Managers do not have the common sense to see that pretty soon we will be importing our own culture and it was started by these South Bands. Bands are using FOREIGN Tuners to make their pans and arrange in contrast to the fact that most of the drums comes from the South. Pan Trinbago and some other band officials fail to incorporate our Steel Pan technology by using our best Tuners to teach young and upcoming tuners. All they do is to wait until they are dead to give them a lot of stupid Speech. Check it out, we are running short of all the best TUNERS that was born in the WAR ERA. Right now you have TOP PAN TUNERS Without a WEBSITE AND FACEBOOK PAGE to sell their products.  Besides Gill's Pan Shop and two large shops. The TOP NAMED TUNERS DO NOT HAVE A SITE AND THEY ARE NOT EMPLOYED AND PAID TO TEACH THE ART BY ALL THE GOVERNING BODIES IN T&T.

They are getting paid to teach people out of the country and the so-called smart Trinidadians does not realize that they are not taking care of their own but walk about we are the smartest and the best. WAKE UP STEEL BANDS AND PAN TRINBAGO

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Dunbar, It's simple, if yuh want to be the best, yuh do what yuh have to do. Do you know those boys that's arranging for Skiffle parents are from T&T?do you realize how pan people move around today, players come from Japan, Australia Canada, England. USA to play in T&T for Panorama, we have a Global village so yuh won't hear me complaining about foreigners, they say competition is healthy. 

Maybe Dunbar should learn the background of the 3 arrangers that Skiffle is using. ... they all were born and raised in pan and one of the arrangers whole family from desperadoes steel orchestra.. Look up the Franklin family...

Dear Mr. Kernel Simon:

Mr. Dunbar is not interested in the background of the arrangers.  This about his personal fears. This about the morning after a non Trinidadian arranger by his definition does well or God forbid wins Panorama. Notice Mr. Dunbar never said these young American were unqualified or were not good or their arrangement was not top notch Panorama music.



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