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In Rememberance of Herman "Rock" Johnson died April 30 2001 (14 yrs ago)

The most underrated Tenor Pan Player and Tuner, May God Bless his Soul, http://www.bestoftrinidad.com/steelband/johnston.html

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He definitely never got Credit for who he was and the Things he did,

Rock was a member of the Esso steelband in Bermuda for many years, which originally was DixieStars from Gatacre St. Rock joined them some years after the band went up in the mid fifties, and played tenor alongside Rudy Commissiong the leader of the band. My brother Steve played the echo phones, that I believe Rock made for him. As I remember, they were something like a triple cello. He was renowned for his strong playing and in particular his execution of the classical pieces in the band's repertoire. When the band finally broke up, he moved to the U.S where he continued playing along with his kids in a more family oriented band. Being such a robust individual, his untimely passing came as a shock to many.

Lawford Dupres, The Echophone was like a Triple Tenor, with a Tone between a Double Second and a Double Guitar, He was really a Great Player and a Great Tuner, Bless his Soul.

Are there any 'echophones' around today?

Patrick Ramdoo, if there are any Echoplones around its probably somebody personal pan that I am sure they Cherish,

Thanks Bede,

                       We must not forget our pan pioneers.

You are right about the range of the Echo Phones. The times I heard the band play they were used more for chording and some melodic accompaniment, using three sticks, not for any major melodic lead. That's why I refrained from associating them with the tenors. But apart from the semantics, do you remember how deep they were cut? Or does anybody have a picture of them? I'll try to see if Rudy has any pics or can advise further.

Lawford Dupres, I played the Echophone in 1965 with West-Side (50) yrs ago, it was not as deep as a Tenor but deep as a Double Tenor, kinder  flat (remember in those days them Double Tenors were not as deep as now a days) 

After playing that year I never saw an Echophone anywhere, therefore I can't remember how the Notes were and where they were placed. If you can post a picture or send me a Picture I will appreciate it.

I wish somebody on this WST site who read this and have or can take an inside Picture of an Echophone, please Post it, it will bring back memories. thks

I saw one at Rock's house in the Rockaways. It was the sweetest sounding pan I ever heard. That was a long, long time ago.

My sister in law says she remembers what they looked like and is looking through her albums. If I get anything I'll pass it on.

Ok Lawford Dupres, that's great

As far as I can remember the last set of pans he made was a 7-bass for Disney world, which was never used. No one really knew why Junior (Pouchet) refused to use them. He was an excellent tuner, arranger and player, somewhat low key, pardon the pun.


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