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In trying to SCOUT some information for the EXPAT PIONEER PROJECT, I made a very interesting discovery. Which is that CALIFORNIA has gotten very liitle credit in terms of TAKING PAN MUSIC GLOBAL ...

... and that is a REAL SHAME because CALIFORNIA has EXPOSED more people to PAN MUSIC than any other STATE in AMERICA or any COUNTRY in the REST OF THE WORLD.

ROBERT GREENIDGE alone could BEAT NEW YORK and the rest of the ENTIRE UNITED STATES. And don't talk about the ACHIEVEMENTS of the LAWRENCE BROTHERS in SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA (which I can personally attest to) who have EXPOSED PAN MUSIC to MILLIONS and MILLIONS of people on THE WEST COAST.

So if anybody among the 20,000 members has any INPUT on EXPAT PIONEERS who expanded the PAN into CALIFORNIA -- please come and help us out. Otherwise I have to go and slog through three overlapping tapes from CARL LAWRENCE and do my OWN REPORT.

Also, if anybody from EUROPE (real EUROPE -- not ENGLAND) is reading and you have any contributions to make on this subject, it will be greatly appreciated ... that goes for JAPAN and CHINA too.

In for a PENNY, in for a POUND!!! Let us see if we could get some level of measurement in terms of WHEY PAN GONE.

Ah almost forget meh PARDNER down in AUSTRALIA -- COURTNEY LEIBA!!! I have to add him to THE LIST of EXPAT PIONEERS.

Speaking of which, I have to share a TREND OF THOUGHT JOKE on that topic (since politics is always on my mind). I got intrigued by Courtney's PAN ADVENTURES down under and I asked him to share some biographical data with me (this is a few years ago) and the man do like MUELLER and send me a 400 hundred page report and I did like BARR and came on WHEN STEEL TALKS and did a 4 page report. (Now I have to go dig through those emails and give him some better representation.)

Not so funny -- oh well!!!

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I am happy to read your shortened version.  After all, seems as though everyone sends you their long version... so you plenty busy.  ( wonder how you keep up with your daytime job)

THANKS ..... for all your hard work.

Brenda h.

Brenda: My mind has been on YOU, too -- as I go through this process!!! In an earlier post I said that you do not have to have been a PAN PLAYER to have been an EXPAT PIONEER. And although I have never heard your personal story -- I have GUESSED that you have done MORE THAN YOUR SHARE of SUPPORTING in TAKING PAN TO FOREIGN.

So even before you responded to this post, I thought that a few NON PLAYERS like you who have participated on the FRINGES should have A VOICE in THIS PROJECT.

I am sure that you GET MY MESSAGE!!!

Sometimes I wish my cousin from Europe would give you his story which starts from his days in Hilltoppers from Petit Bourg, then Liverpool and beyond.  Hope you can get his bio epic.

Brenda h 

Edward Towine,  Eisenstein, and Robert  Greenidge is doing great things in Southern Cali


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