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Indigisounds - Alternative Steelpan Solutions - debuts in New York

Via keyboards, steelpan musician Johann Chuckaree demonstrates the capabilities of the Indigisounds softwareNew York, USA - Indigisounds - Alternative Steelpan Solutions - debuted in New York City earlier today, Saturday September 28 at IMSTA FESTA NYC 2013, utilizing keyboards, and also the PanKAT as a controller with a tenor-pan layout in fifths - as the interfaces.

Ace steelpan musician Johann Chuckaree was on hand along with creator of the Indigisounds software himself, DAC Acoustic Services' David A. Chow, to demonstrate the software package to eager listeners and onlookers.
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You can't help feeling proud seeing young Trinis showing their stuff along with others in the music software business, we wish them continual success.

this is good!

I really like this! Maybe the E-Con Man can learn a lesson from Indigisounds. They did not see the need to make claims of superiority over the steelpan, nor claiming that the PanKAT is a steelpan. They are not initiating the conversation, but are getting the respect the old-fashioned way. By demonstrating its use, and having others "big them up", not tooting their own horn. (Make that ringing their own bell.) They market their technology as an "alternative", and not a replacement for steelpans that "rust", "go out of tune", or the other "weaknesses" as perceived by the E-Con Man's marketing claims. The sound is VERY authentic, and I think the E-Pan just lost out to superior technology and superior and responsible marketing. I would choose Indigisounds' equipment over the E-Pan for my home studio. I think that Indigisounds just stole a potential E-Pan buyer. Also, notice how Indigisounds are not into gimmickry, like playing with bare hands, but kept the tradition of using pan sticks (not mallets). And I am sure that they and their supporters will handle any criticisms with more professionalism and dignity than the E-Con Man and his "raving fans". Indigisounds believed in their product, and did not feel the need to desperately seek out free endorsements from those they consider celebrity. Compare that to what Salmon Cupid does. The Universe (God) does grant blessings to those deserving, and it is clear that the people behind Indigisounds are not as exploitative, mean-spirited and as condescending as Salmon Cupid with his big E-Head. Karma is a mother..., and he is paying for his, in his subtle but obvious attacks against our National Instrument. Indigisounds are not a threat; as they said, they are an "alternative". Not a "Cadillac". I wish them all the successes they rightly deserve, for it is obvious they only intent to compliment the steel drum. Not compete with it. That is why they are not focused on any assumed flaws. How can they? They got the sound from the instrument itself. Great product! I give it a 10 of 10. (E-Con Man better go back to his drawing board, unless he only intends for the E-Pan to play bells.)

Ghost Who Knows A Great Product When He Sees One. This is a GREAT ONE! P.H.I. and E-Pan...step aside. ☺ 

Why you did not call yourself something positive you so negative and rotten. As I said before you young people keep up the good work and do not take on this NINCOMPOOP he have nothing better to do. Salmon Cupid is a well respected young man spreading the love and joy of steel pan as we speak its just by chance he is also the inventor of the epan. Nothing is wrong with how he market the epan you George NINCOMPOOP ghost Goddard have a personal vendetta against him because he call you out on your foolishness. Well I too will call you out so take your fight of words to me I am ready any day. Lets All on WST check your FACTS (1) where and when did he say that the epan is a replacement ? (2)  where and when did he make attacks against our National Instrument ? (because he always talk about adding to the family of steel pans). (3) where and when did he say that the epan is a threat ? ( again because he always say that the epan is not here to replace the steel pan). so answer those questions and clear you name NOW or stop being vindictive. I see you have a problem with the truth steel pans do rust and needs to be retuned so what !!! its marketing, the same is said about the piano and keyboard. I can read and understand that the epan is a Cadillac among the other electronic toys because of what it can do. I love this Indigisounds thing because its my people doing something for pan as Mr.Cupid said You Pan men cant use it unless you get an electronic steel pan and when I say use it I mean in a performance unless you play keyboard and this is a pan forum so we talking Pan.

So ghost that knows Nothing go and change you name to something POSITIVE like KING or Queen not ghost I have never seen a good ghost yet they always bad and devilish, the name suit you anyway you acting your part  well.


BRING YOUR PROOF the only person should step aside is you ☺I☺☺


Maybe because the church he goes to has an ASSTOR not a PASTOR, who tells him, "Let us BRAY", instead of "Let us pray", he has never heard of "Father, Son, and Holy Ghost". (That's supposed to be a "good" ghost, right? lol) Casper was a good ghost, and EVERY jazz player LOVES ghost notes. I'll let this jackass keep braying. lmao! I am NOT lying, this was definitely the best laugh I've had in a LOOOONG time. I do have a new name for him, though. We ALL know he's no king, much less a "Pan King", so I baptize him DONK-E-MAN! E-Con Man's loyal sidekick...er, make that mule- kick.

Ghost Who Knows How To Haunt Braying Donkeys. BTW - It's HALLOWEEN TIME!!! A time of...well, GHOSTS and GOBLINS! Boo.☺ Seriously, I am just amusing myself with this. Enjoy the rest of the SUN DAY, all, and to ALL a GREAT WEEK. (Just beware of the ghosts...lol. Man, I wish I didn't have to go write this report now. I'll pick up with DONK-E-MAN and E-Con Man later. Peace!

Stop beating around the bush answer the questions a ask

I do not speak to jackasses; I let them bray themselves out. King? No. DONK-E-MAN. E-Con Man's mule-kick. (So much for Salmon Cupid's being on the "offense". He sent out his little, old batchack to do the biting.) He still needs to apologize to CATT. Period! What an illiterate! lol. 

BTW - I do not want Glenroy to have a bad day, so I held back on wishing him "Happy Birthday". But I do wish him ALL the best and MANY, MANY more "Earth Days". Regardless of what he thinks of me, I will ALWAYS love and respect the brother. He, like many, just misunderstand me, and did not appreciate my honest comments. Oh well, the Ghost is going to continue doing his thing. Wishing Glenroy Joseph a Hapi Earth Arrival Day. (We may disagree, but he is the consummate gentleman. I REALLY mean that.)

Ghost Who Only Responds To WST Members Who Are Relevant. The Self-Proclaimed "King" Is Not. (He knows that, you all know that, and WST knows that. In fact, all he can do is bray. E-haw!☺)

So, while the donkey brays, I am humbled and surprised that even SIDD thanked me for my comment. Again, I am ALWAYS going to be honest about MY OPINION, unlike those who flip-flop, speak with forked-tongues, or say one thing one day, and something completely different the next day, when it is convenient to do so. I have extended olive branches to those who choose to hold hate against me. LET ME BE CLEAR. I have NO emotional attachment to ANY of you, HUMANS or DONKEY. This is not personal; my loyalty is with my culture, and again I will push back against any threat (real or perceived) against what my dad spent over 40 years of his life to build. So, you who choose to hold personal vendettas are doing more harm to your state of mind, than to mine. I am not as "soft-skinned" as those who cry foul when they are given a dose of the medicine they feed to others. There is NOTHING anyone can call me that bothers me, but when you libel my name like Salmon Cupid the Stupid did, then I am forced to show you ALL, exactly how calculated and powerful I am. Stay tuned; E-Con Man and his stubborn mulekick, DONK-E-MAN are both in for HUGE surprises. And I mean "Donald Trump huge". I wish Mr. Stupid would add to his lies about me; again, he came to my home on TWO occasions, not to help me, but seeking my help. This is the thanks I get,ALL because I said that his gadget does not belong in the Panorama competition. Finally, when people like Othello, Black Stalin, Dr. Lance and other "intellectuals" support and honor my efforts, do you think a braying jackass means anything to me. When Dr. Batson tells the world that you are an asset to education, do you think an old illiterate, self-titled "king" and admitted "dinosaur" sounds any different to me than one of my loud farts? Negro, please! Anyone can review my videos and they will see that I am multi-talented, educated, articulate, and young in spirit. (See, "The Ghost Who Hoops", then ask the braying jackass to post ANYTHING that shows his worth on WST.) All he can do is swing on another man's scrota, because he is no more than a nagging crab louse with identity issues. So, I owe no one any apologies, and like the names I mentioned, Andy Narell owes us an apology for thinking that his "white privilege" gives him the right to redefine our culture and give the pan world its Revelation or "Last Word". My not being a "lick-bottom African" does not make me racist, and I worship NO MAN! Andy Narell and Cupid the Stupid included. Anyway, back to work. Great day to ALL! You too, King Idiot.

Ghost Who Is Not Affected By The Words Of The Insignificant! (Try something else, DONK-E-MAN. lol.)


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