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Ingrid Blackwood-Belle: Beverley Ramsey-Moore couldn't organise a PISS UP in a BREWERY -- how on earth could she organise PAN in a SHAGGY and MACHEL concert?


In Antigua they like to say: THAT SWEET YOU!!!

Well DOCTOR DOLLY sweet me too bad when she say: "PAN? PAN on stage with Shaggy and Machel?”

It is easier for a CAMEL to pass through the eye of a needle than for PAN to get on stage with SHAGGY and MACHEL!!! Especially in TRINIDAD & TOBAGO at CARIFESTA TIME.

Three weeks ago ah man call me from TRINIDAD and tell me that he and some other PAN MEN was thinking about a PROTEST because it wasn't going and have NO PAN in CARIFESTA. And ah sure that DANE GULSTON was in that conversation along with some other PAN TRINBAGO PEOPLE.

So how come they wait that long to suddenly come and start making ALL THIS NOISE. Look, I am a TRINIDADIAN (well ah used to be ah TRINIDADIAN) and as a CALYPSO LOVER -- if I go to a CALYPSO SHOW ... I doh want NO PAN on that stage. That PAN is just a DISTRACTION -- to me, eh ... and my CALYPSO!!!

So I can so well understand the absurdity in DOCTOR DOLLY VOICE when she was asked to put PAN in a SHAGGY and MACHEL SHOW.

Ah doh have much regrets in life, but ah regret that I was not in that room when DOCTOR DOLLY say: "PAN? PAN on stage with Shaggy and Machel?”

Ingrid: Let us hope that BEVERLEY could organize a PAN UP in a TOBAGO PANORAMA. Otherwise that is going to be a MAJOR FALL FROM GRACE!!!

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Claude:  I'm so looking forward to going to Trinidad next year as I will be a lot closer to all the pan bachannal !!


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