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Ingrid Blackwood-Belle: I need a report from you on your TRIP TO TRINIDAD CARNIVAL -- please come on and tell us ALL ABOUT IT!!!

Ingrid: Don't keep me waiting like BEVERLEY and the 2019 FINANCIAL REPORTS and the TOBAGO PANORAMA gate receipts and the LARGE BAND PANORAMA attendance records and GATE RECEIPTS.

Please come on and give us a FULL REPORT on your 2020 CARNIVAL EXPERIENCE.

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Claude: You've put me in the spotlight again .... and you know how shy I am!

I'll give it some thought and get back to the Forum tomorrow.

Aye Claude wey you get Ingrid pic from Boi? I've always had a funny suspicion yuh tie-up wid D FBI and CIA.   Yuh go and put the woman on the spot to tell yuh about she time in T&T. I saw her playing she self in Tribe and I ain't say nuttin, now she hatta hope nobody ain't put up a video wid she wineing on the stage....SMH. Boi yuh is real TROUBLE...


Cecil, whoever you saw in Tribe, it definitely wasn't me!

Ingrid forgive meh, yuh know how it is wid old age, I only got a glimpse of the person face, yuh know wid Tribe no one concentrating on face. 

Cecil, I hear you loud and clear.

Claude:  As promised, here is my full report on my 2020 Carnival experience.

As hubby came with me to Trinidad this year (or should it be the other way around!), I didn’t actually attend many pan events.  Yeah, I know …. shock, horror.

I attended Medium and Large Bands Semi Finals and also Large Bands Finals.  I saw Beverley, surrounded by “supporters” so I left her to it!

As I had said previously, as a visitor to Trinidad, I wasn’t going to attend Medium Bands Finals in Tobago …. and I didn’t. However, I did speak of one of my Tobagonian friends after the event and they didn’t go either so I'm not sure whether the event was particularly well promoted.

All in all, my 2020 Carnival would be classed as “boring”.  Actually, I was just pleased to leave Storms Dennis, Ciara, Jorge etc. behind me

Cecil:  I did see the antics of some female Mas players.  Let’s put it this way, I’m glad I’m a patron of Pan and not Mas!

Thanks Ingrid!!! But you need to rewrite one sentence in your report!!!

I'm glad I'm a patron of PAN [AND CALYPSO/SOCA] and not Mas!

When I get in the right mood I will write you an essay on the lyrics to WRONG AGAIN!!!


Claude:  I know the lyrics but I'm sure you will give me your own interpretation ....


Ingrid, when yuh going T&T for carnival yuh gotta leave hubby home, that's the #1 rule, they kill the good times, and the next time let him go alone.

Cecil: Why yuh trying to encourage INGRID in TRINIDAD SLACKNESS!!!

... and when she reach back in LONDON

The HUBBY gone with ah next WOMAN ...

... and leave she still singing: WHAT AH DO WRONG AGAIN, LORD!!!

Thanks for the report, Ingrid and don't let CECIL HINKSON lead you astray!!!

Claude/Cecil:  you guys are so funny

Claud!!  You told me the Panorama arrangement critic is your new Girlfriend and later on u also told me u going back and lime with your London Girlfriend, You are not Sparrow (Both Ah Then) although Kitch told Sparrow DO IT, DO IT.


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