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Ingrid Blackwood-Belle: Yuh on LOCKDOWN in LONDON ... so come and make AH LIME with we TOMORROW!!!

Ingrid: YUH UNDER BORIS LOCKDOWN ... come and make ah lime tomorrow nah!!! Come leh we LIME as the PEOPLE SAY!!! Earl Richards like to MIND WE BUSINESS -- but yuh know that he WRONG AGAIN!!!

Ingrid Blackwood-Belle - PA - Ross Trustees Services Limited ...

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I'm sitting here working from home so no time for liming for me ....

You guys are brilliant!

Claue!!! Ingrid Blackwood-Belle already give u a report on her trip to Trinidad for Carnival 2020, so y u  asking her to come and lime with u  to find out her business while she is in lockdown in London, you are the one who is always in people's business. u r always in Cecil, Bugs, Merrytones, Gregory, Dr. Dolly, Panorama, Gypsy, PNM, Pantrinbago and their executive,s businesses and many more too numerous to mention.  Ah man call me quite from Bacolet Tobago and tell me u r planning a trip to Tobago on a sightseeing tour around the island and your mode of transport is riding on Beverly's bus. I wish u a smooth bus ride and hope u take the good advice from Denyse Plummer. Mind Yuh Business.

Earl/Claude ... and any other interested parties.

Lockdown in London is strange.  People are doing all kinds of stupid things.  Imagine an MP drove 118 miles to wish his MP father "Happy Birthday" and said that he had "essential items" for him.  Another set of "Covidiots" held a barbecue and a Karaoke party and police had to be called!

I'm not exactly stuck at home as I do have to leave the house for essential items and to pick up medication but on some occasions, I was almost pushed down so that people could get food.

It's madness!!

Ingrid: ME and EARL RICHARDS have ah LONDON TABANCA ... come back and make ah lime with we TOMORROW, nah. We under LOCKDOWN and we REAL BORED!!!



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