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International Conference on Pan- 5th-7th August, 2015

From August 5 to 7, Pan Trinbago and the ICP Secretariat present the first major International Conference on Pan. It will be held at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Port of Spain. The Conference is open to the public with a nominal registration fee and will bring together pan scholars and researchers and practitioners from all over the world. The Conference will be a lead up to the International Panorama competition to be held on Sunday August 9 at 3:00 p.m. at the Queen’s Park Savannah. The exciting week of events has something to offer even the most seasoned pan aficionado.   The Conference will be preceded on Tuesday, August 4, with an invitation-only business session as PanTrinbago meets with international delegates concerning international cooperation in the world of pan and the role Pan Trinbago in facilitating.


The Conference is structured to explore seven major pan-related themes ranging from History and Development of the Steelpan, Science and Technology, Social Dimension, Education, Performance, Economic and Industrial Development and Steelpan Organizations.


Award winning novelist Earl Lovelace will present the Conference keynote address on the topic Resistance and Rebellion exploring the Socio-Historical development of the Steelpan movement on Wednesday 5th August. Further exploring the first theme of History and development, former Pan Trinbago President Melville Bryan will present research on the history of Pan. Professor Louis Regis from UWI will discuss Pan and Calypso. Dr. Andrew Martin will present research on the history of the US Navy Steel Band which had a major impact on Pan in the United States. Pan is Beautiful competition adjudicator and UWI graduate student Joanna Shortt will present research analyzing gender roles in steelbands.


From History of Pan to the Business of Pan, Dr. Keith Nurse, Executive Director of The UWI Consulting Company, will talk about pan as an economic driver in Trinidad. Michael P. Cooper of Panland Trinidad and Tobago Ltd. will focus on how Pan Manufacturing presents untapped opportunity for Trinidad and Tobago. Economist and international trade specialist Dr. Roger Hosein will moderate these discussions on Economic and Industrial development. 


A major focus of the Conference will be on the construction of the instrument itself and several talks are set to explore ongoing studies into pan and metallurgy. Hameed Shaqq will talk on Anthony Williams’ use of physics in the design of pan and leading Canadian pan tuner Ed Peters will talk on creating standardized courses for teaching pan tuning. Soren Maloney will discuss his exploration of a new processes for dishing pans and UWI professors Clement Imbert and Brian Copeland will present research of various aspects of pan manufacturing. Dr. Aurelie Helmlinger of the Research Center in Ethnomusicology (France) will cap the session off by addressing the connections between the note layout of pans and cognition.


The Conference also features several research presentations focusing on the development of pan in North America. Based in Montreal, longtime pannist and steelband leader Salah Wilson in Montreal will present research on the development of steelpan programs in Canadian communities and schools. Dr. Janine Tiffe of Kent State University will discuss Ellie Mannette and his impact on pan in the United States. Dr. Anthony Hailey was the Director of the steelband program the Virginia Rhythm Project and now leads the Mosaic Steel Orchestra, one of three American-based steelbands competing in the International Panorama. Hailey will discuss the positive effects that youth steelbands have in schools, communities, and society at large. 


Focusing on pan in Trinidad, Paul Massey and Josephine Torrel will present research on the use of pan in the Classroom in Trinidad and Tobago. Massey is a graduate student at UWI working on a dissertation that focuses on pan as an educational tool for social transformation. Jean Raabe is a Board Certified Music Therapist, UWI lecturer, and veteran of 17 Panoramas who will present her work using steelpan as a tool in music therapy.

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will we be able to follow the proceedings of the Conference online? Please provide the connection and streaming details.

When is there going to be a conference on the State of the Steelband In The Mecca? from the Glory days to now. Some see this as most pressing.

If only we could get all these Doctors and Learned people to talk about "The State Of The Steelband Today" maybe we could come up with a plan to remove the steelbands from the side lines and put them back on the road.

It's an embarrassment to all steelband lovers to see them nul and void on the carnival scene, the biggest opportunity they have to generate funds to sustain themselves, they have been regulated to the panorama hustle for survival

We seem to be preoccupied with things that we know already, it's time to address the REAL problem, "The Purpose of the  Steelband"

Cecil: You stole my topic!!! I am sitting down here writing up my critique on that conference and yuh gone and release my topic before I could finish!

It is important that you make YOUR post.

I will give you the abridged version! I was going to call it "NO PLACE FOR THE PAN MAN"

You would think that somebody like MERRYTONES or BERTEL GITTENS or OSWALD ALEXANDER or KEN "PROFESSOR" PHILMORE would be invited to this conference to give a BOTTOM UP report on the STATE OF PAN in Trinidad & Tobago. Recently, OSWALD ALEXANDER came on this forum and outlined the STRUGGLE to keep a STEELBAND afloat. MERRYTONES came on the forum and gave a bunch of lectures on MUSIC THEORY. He could address that conference seeking ways to improve that education in the PANYARD. Look at all the SCHOLARS in attendance. BERTEL GITTENS dedicated his whole life to PAN from the BOTTOM UP. You don't think that he could give a compelling speech about the issues subverting PAN TODAY. Don't talk about KEN "PROFESSOR" PHILMORE. Imagine how he could educate all dem educated people in that conference on PAN. THE REAL WORLD OF PAN and not from a seat in the IVORY TOWER.

GYPSY made a snide remark a few months ago in the newspapers about WHERE the conference was being held and how far removed it was from the PAN MAN. Yuh know that I am not ANY VOICE for PAN or any JINGOISTIC defender of the PAN but to leave the BLOOD SWEAT and TEARS PAN MEN without a VOICE in this conference is almost CRIMINAL.

Sitting on the sidelines watching this PAN THING over the last few decades: AH GOT TO TELL YUH AS MAN ... EVERYBODY PIMPING THE PAN.

You Claude Gonzales...leave my name out of the people Conference please...I'm on vacation on flying back home on the morning of the Panorama...I might show up at the savannah later in the afternoon...ah hope they have a "drag" for meh to "storm"...lol...

Merrytones: I working so hard to get you to the PODIUM and you vacationing somewhere in some FOREIGN LAND. I am going and take your name off my list of nominations. And Bertel only have ONE LINE to deliver -- he off the list too.

Aye Claude, them people using doctor this and doctor that to give the ting stature. All the assignments given to the speakers is about things we know already or is already being done.

To get from point A to point B panman must first listen to panman.

But you self Cecil...like yuh forget that a prophet is never honoured in his own land or what?...

Aye Claude, this is BERTEL here. My speech at the conference would be just one line. "This ting we have going on here is not so much about pan, but about really winning elections." How yuh like dat?

It is about trying to make people forget about the election.


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