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Montreal, Quebec, Canada - Panorama in Montreal is like that of no other place in the world. As the main event of the two-day Montreal International Steelpan Festival, now in its ninth year, the competition brings a unique brand and style to a city already with an envious reputation for hosting some of the greatest music and arts festivals in the world. Indeed, the operative word here is “international” as the show’s producers have expanded the traditional panorama concept of local partaking to an international perspective and participation.
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Hi, The Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force Steel Orchestra would be travelling to Quebec on Aug 09 , 21st we would be there to take part in the Music Festival it would be great if some of you guys could come and check us out . Contact me at rabby8262@yahoo. com. Captain of the Defence Force Steel Orchestra.
Hi Junior,
Great to have you all visit us here in Montreal Quebec. We will certainly attend your concerts at the music festival, please send us details. We are also in a position to... and would love to put together a concert with your group and ours here in Montreal. This would be great for the city and our community. ( We just had a visit from Arima Golden Symphony with their leader whom you know B.J. Marcelle). I will contact you at your stated address to follow up on this idea..best wishes
Congratulations Mr. Wilson on your successful event. I will be there next year to check out the show.

Thanks Bugs,
Next year will be the 10th edition of our Montreal International Steelpan Festival and we obviously want to raise the bars of the event ...we have some interesting ideas that we want to put in place...so looking forward to seeing you
best wishes


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