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International Panorama Competition August 8th-9th 2015

With this competition just 5 months away using the same judging criteria, this competition is expected to produce some interesting results.  30 steelbands performing for 2 days.  Any predictions?


6.1 – Music Selection – For the purposes of the competition, each participating steelband may select and perform any calypso or soca of their choice.


7.1 – Maximum Points for Adjudication –

Every steelband shall be marked on the basis of a maximumof 100 points.

7.2 – Adjudication Criteria – Each steelband shall be awarded points for the following categories:-

Arrangement – a maximum of 40 points shall be awarded under this category
General Performance – a maximum of 40 points shall be awarded under this category
Tone – a maximum of 10 points shall be awarded under this category
Rhythm – a maximum of 10 points shall be awarded under this category.

7.3 – Procedure for Judging the International Panorama – The International Steelband competition shall be adjudicated in the manner hereinafter outlined: –

There shall be a total of Eight (8) judges for the International Steelband competitions.
Only Seven (7) judges shall actually deliberate at the competition;
The Seven (7) judges to be seated shall be selected by ballot immediately prior to the start of each stage of the competition.
The Eighth judge shall be appointed to serve as an alternate and shall take the place of any of the seven seated judges who may be unable to function for the entire stage of the competition for which they have been selected as a judge;
In tallying the points earned by the Steelbands during the competition, the highest and lowest points awarded by the judges to a steelband shall be excluded and the score to be awarded shall be the aggregate points of the other five (5) judges.
The decision of the judges shall be final and binding and the International Panorama Management Committee shall not entertain any protest with regard to judging.


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Looking under "General Performance" 40 pts, I believe the way you Perform on stage, the impression you leave on the Audience and the Judges comes under this Criteria, that's why some Bands get a lot of points than others. (just guessing, I don't know)

And the quality of the International judges is extremely important. Not that just select a musician from another country and that's it. Influence is imporatnt when talking International. I hope the organizers are aware of this. This should have been discussed long before now with the general public. It was just revealed as carnival 2015 ended.  I don't think the general public in T&T knows it yet, because only today a writer wrote something in the express of international judging of Panorama. PT may just decide to pick some musicians from foreign. Not that. that won't do. Lets talk influence as a musical show and with a musical instrument created in the twentieth century. Lets talk Quincy Jones, Herbbie Hancock, especially him as I know he is interested in the pan instrument, Paul Simon, Paul Mc Carthy, and female counterparts as well. Now we talking International.

Was any assurance given or approved by the government for the 34 million dollars requested for this or does the organization have the funds or part thereof?

What panyards would accommodate the 18 foreign bands?

I doubt they would travel with racks. Would the racks at the various panyards be suitable for the pans brought in,seeing that bands usually build / design their racks to suit their needs or welders would be occupied?

These questions are needed to be known and maybe others later on.

Would Diaz be still in office in August?


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