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International Steelband Foundation/Big 5 Trinidad-Tobago steel orchestras come together for PAN

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - Under the umbrella of “The International Steelband Foundation,” five of Trinidad & Tobago's top steel orchestras have come together to help further the steelpan as an industry.

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That LOGO looks like the "TRINIDAD STEELBAND FOUNDATION" -- Humming Bird, Red White and Black, Map of the Island. Somebody down in LAX needs to be assigned to read the WHEN STEEL TALKS FORUM on a DAILY BASIS to understand how INTERNATIONAL pan done already gone!!!


For some background on Teddy Guerra a man of the people, homeboy from Diego, like Bradley went to Diego Boys RC School, back in the day his steelband Western Stars Philharmonics used to practice in front their house on Richplain Road.  Abu Bakr was a police man originally from Richplain  Rd, Western Stars Philharmonics is now his band, get the connection. This is the environment that raised Bradley, the teachers and village people had a big influence on their lives...

Theodore Guerra "50 Years A Sterling Contribution"-Parliament Channel

odw, did U know that " Lennox Phillip aka I mam Abu Bakr" use to play "Cello pan" in BWIA Sun jet West Side Symphony in the mid 1960's and I, gave them the pans in 2011 to start Western Philharmonics, now Western Stars Philharmonics, I still keep in touch with him and Peter Alleong...

Small world, one of my brothers went to school with him, Guerra's brother was my tailor, their house was next to where my sister lived in Richplain. I remember the band practicing in front their house in preparation for carnival, no body complained about "noise pollution," there was a spirit of community pride, now is the time to go back to basics, helping one another. The days of being cultural rejects "outcast" are over.

This is what it takes to position pan for the world stage.At a time when pan is already in Australia, S Africa, Switzerland ,U.K. and of course N. America the voices of this organization should resonate in TnT.
Hindsight and foresight can work to benefit the "industry".
It's the mindset of the future and for success of promoting the unique culture we must recapture, cultivate and cherish the talent and brains from wherever. "Nuff" said !
Just an opinion not an argument from what "little" I understand that's going on and hidden in "plain sight".

Why are we still using the word steelband. Steelband is tradition, STEEL ORCHESTRA is innovation.


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