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Do we have anybody on this Site that can relate to the Steelband Clash with Invaders and Tokyo (I think it was 1950) EG: like where you were at the time, what you saw? or what you hear from your Parents or your friends, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DeyvpBznVnA

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By the way guys, any contributions to those 3 questions that I asked? I am very eager about hearing what your thoughts are. Peace and Love.

Mr. Lopez, I concede...yes, "Royal Jail" was in 1961 and was the road march. Thank you for the correction.

ED, I knew it was in 1961, I Played that tune on the road with City Syncopators, I remembered in the beginning of the Chorus, We were flicking the D with C# in the key of G on ah Invaders Tenor. (In those days, I didn't know bout what Key we were playing in, Now I know, Those were the Days Oui)

Bede Boy. We will always remember as Old Tenor Men in the Sixties the Old Invaders Tenor with the Low F# in the Center of the Pan. It was an Easy Pan to Play. Good Old Days Bede.

Oh yeah!  Leslie Jordan is in fact one of the first pan prodigies; he was playing tenors in Cairo as a child. Yes, Cairo, that band from Belle Vue (in the house!) was technically a predecessor of the great North Stars.  Many Cairo players moved on to professor Tony Williams.  I was a child but I remember as if it was yesterday.  Ask Leslie?


There are several things that hamper Pan's return to the road in a meaning way.1 Music tastes have changed so that music played by pans on the road do not attract the crowd as before except the diehards Most of the bands that do make it on the road do their panorama tune and little else.2 The Panorama crowds are on a "line' rather that a love for pan so that as the results are announced that's it for Pan. When the panorama tunes were well known [Kitch,Sparrow] there was a greater following since the public could follow the main melody and its developments.Even the bomb tunes, if any, is no longer attractions.No more Ebonites' Roses from the south, Invaders Face the music and dance. Starlift's I feel pretty
T'dad All Stars Anniversary waltz. North Stars Valencia etc.The attendance at Pan Festivals attractive crowds only at the final. Th prelims and semis have poor audiences.I support Silver Stars and spend the last weeks following the development of the selection for Panorama and so eventually would know every phrase of it. when I go to the semis and finals, I don't know most of the "own" tunes so the whole experience is lost to me since I can't follow the tune and the developments.

mor Teddy Pinhriro


Hi Teddy Pinheiro. I understand what you are saying about the changes in times etc.Those days we did´nt know all those classical songs for the bomb competition either. Esso Tripoli playing the theme from Paganini  is my favourite. But everybody was into it.  I think if it is well marketed today it could be a hit again.  Ah mean the fact that thousands of visitors come to T&T for carnival (and they all come to see and hear steel pan music) is enough to invest some time and money into projects that will encourage pan players to go back to streets. We should´nt expect it to be like in the past.It´s now 2014. But I don´t want to come to T&T for carnival and have to be contended with Sean Paul coming from some boxes who I just heard in the disco or on the radio in my country again. I also think we should be careful not to leave this void so that some other country could cash in on it.

You make some good points Ade, T&T have to re-arrange the carnival to suite the steelband not the other way around, this is why they must have a separate day for the steelband.

Teddy , I often wonder if , were it not for our single minded focus on panorama, bands would not be able to find modern, contemporary (pan friendly ) tunes that could appeal to today's carnival crowds.

After all, back in the glory days , steelbands didn't only play local tunes on the road. They played a mix of classics , calypso and pop tunes. 

Pan on the Streets time has Passed.  The older Folks who wants the Pan but the Younger one are not supporting it. This is their time just as How Pan on the Streets were in Our Time. Do We really Believe that there will ever be a Carnival Day Exclusively for Pan. This Will never Happen. Young People Now are only Interested in Panorama. The only Way that we Can have a Day of Pan for Carnival is if We have Three [3] Days of Carnival. When We were Young that Could of Happened, but it cant Happen Now with this Young Generation who don't Love Pan as we did. Its Very Futile to Believe that it can be Done. I will surely Like to see it Happen again. In Our Time Steel bands had Six  6 or Seven Tunes to Play on the Streets  Musical Concert on the Streets. Nowadays its Two Tunes Panorama and Bomb Tune. Pans also Have to also Deal with Those Big Trucks With their Loud Noises. Jourvert Morning Pan used to Rule the Streets. That's History Now. Times has Changed. Its just Wishful Thinking.  I Love Pan like anyone of You, but The Difference is that I Call it as I See it. Peace & Love.

So we abolish the steelband  on the road for carnival, lets see what we are left with, apart from the guilt and shame that come with the fact that we were not good stewards of it, we now have mega stage sides that perform once a year for 8-9 mins. how long do you think sponsors will support this. Steelbands cannot support themselves, so now we end up with a future filled with GLOOM. We HAVE to want more for the steelband.


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