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Do we have anybody on this Site that can relate to the Steelband Clash with Invaders and Tokyo (I think it was 1950) EG: like where you were at the time, what you saw? or what you hear from your Parents or your friends, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DeyvpBznVnA

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No more debate. I remember the 65 clash. I remember being most dismayed. The jourvert morning I remember asking my friend "wha dat?" and he said "Is Hylanders -- dem amplified pan!" to explain the almost weird high pitched sound I was hearing in the distance. Because of the amplification you heard the high tenor pans before any other instrument, or the iron. We went insearch of them and I listened in awe at this new innovation. So when I heard that their pans were smashed, I thought,"what a set a badmine cobo!" 

I so enjoyed it that I purchased (and still have) the 45rpm record they made using a stage side. I think.

I left the island in 65 and this was my last carnival for some years, so you can imagine my dismay a couple years later when I read in a newspaper that Bertie Marshall had given up because he could not take the aggression of those who were jealous of his invention and kept smashing his pans!

Gentlemen thank you all for your insight. I am pleased to have jogged your memories on this subject. Much information about this prized instrument rests within the minds and hearts of the players and pan enthusiasts of long ago. I am particularly grateful to  Val Young and Earl Richards for their clarity. It is the first time that I have heard anyone mention that Hilanders was involved in two clashes in the space of three years. History is unfolding here. I also am in appreciation of Glen's comment about the band being a major casualty of that era of the steel-band.

Seeing that there has been some clarity forthcoming, I'd like to pose three questions. How influential, effective and affective would you say that the Red Army band were on the carnival landscape of that era? Secondly, for the sake of enlightenment, has any one amongst you ever heard of a gentleman by the name of Jackman who played with Silver Stars and who was, it is said, responsible for the sweetly useful manner in which Gunga Din and others played their bases in Desperados? How true that is I cannot say, so I am asking. Thirdly, Valentino sang that the bands from the west were the best, musically. I am inclined to agree with that to a large extent. Therefore how much of an input would you all say that pan developers from the other corners of T&T, like South, East, and Tobago had in the shaping of our heritage in pan to where it has reached today. I am aware of the tuners from Point such as Lincoln and Allan and Coker, guys who left their areas and came to town and increased size, power and ability within steel orchestras which are today seen as icons of the pan movement. It would certainly be nice to hear some dialogue on these things. 

ED, Bobby Mohammed from  Guinness Cavaliers have changed the Tempo of Panorama from Slow to Fast Tempo.

I agree with you there Bede...he also reformed sizes of the panorama ensemble with his complement of tenors and basses, middle and harmony pans to lend quality to the sound he was looking for. I also feel that his use of the bell in the engine room gave rise to a variety of percussive instruments to add to the capacity of the iron. In my humble opinion, Bobby re-invented the wheel when he hit town in 1965 with structural steel-band changes, and a very powerful sound. His pattern, followed by Solo  and others, also gave rise to the concept of the large band. What do you think? 

p.s. If you see me using hyphens in s ome words and changing spelling, it is because of the computer itself.

BEDE... UR driving these ppl crazy, especially this Valentine fellow, he's in LaLa land, WITCO had sponsored Desperados by 1964, and Silver Stars got the Coco Cola sponsorship, this guy could be suffering from "Alzheimer's"...

With All Due Respect Brother Leslie Michael Jordan. You Must not Comment on Things that You Don't Know About. Read and Learn from People who knows what they are Talking About. Peace & Love.

Bede, Blakie and Sparrow was in Jail together after 1954, Sparrow was jailed for allegedlly stealing a bicycle while he was working at JO HO bicycle shop in St James, but he really did'nt steal the bicycle, they found that out later and he was released, by this time Sparrow had learned to sing Calypso from Blakie, this was when Sparrow came up with Royal Jail & Jean and Dinah, check and see when these tunes came out and U WILL have UR answer, or call Sparrow in NY, this Sir David Simmons and others are something else, they're giving the steel band a bad Rep, as usual...

If I may say Mr. Jordan, the late George Yeates himself told me that he, and others, was the negotiator for the WITCO sponsorship for Desperadoes. This actually did take effect in 1965, and come 1966 carnival, Desperadoes began to wear the WITCO. In 1965, I was privileged to be standing on Frederick St. by Stephens&Johnson's looking at the band on their float, and enjoying the sweet arrangement by Beverly Griffith of Kitchener's "Hold on to Your Man". They were, at the time, the Coca-Cola Gay Desperadoes Steel Orchestra....and I am not in lala land sir. May I also respectfully suggest that this talk site is meant to be a learning curve for many who would love to be informed and educated about our pan heritage of earlier times. It is supposed to be healthy, fruitful, and rewarding. There is no issue of rivalry here, in any form or fashion, and contributors have every right to write their thoughts, and ought to be able to do so in a healthy atmosphere.

That having been said, allow me to congratulate you on your musical arrangements with Fascinators Symphony over the years, and also to let you know that I admired your dad, "Madman" Jordan as a major contributor to the steelband movement from the Eastern region of our country.

Glenroy, Valentine, where are you? I am thinking that Sparrow sang "Royal Jail" in 1963, while Kitchener's contribution that year was "The Road". "Jean and Dinah" was 7 years earlier, in 1956.

Ed,I think "Jean and Dinah" was in 1956 and "Royal Jail" was in 1961, and also You are getting "Leslie Michael Jordan" mixed up with the other "Jordan", "Leslie Michael Jordan" is one of "Anthony Williams" from Pan-am North Stars Students.  

Hahaha Bede..I have to laugh at myself. Do you know that while writing that part of the post I was questioning myself about whether I had the correct Jordan? I salute you for the correction, especially as I had never before heard about this Jordan. Thanks.

We have "Jean and Dinah" spot on for 1956. However I hold very strongly to my memory of "Royal Jail" being in 1963, but, so that we can have clarity, I will check Sparrow's discography. I believe it can be obtained on Wikipedia. Anyone can source it. I recall enjoying both his and Kitchener's "The Road" in the same year.

Yea ED, the other Jordan is somewhere in Australia, his name is Lennox Jordan, "Leslie Jordan" was under Anthony Williams and Herman "Rock" Johnson. This Leslie Jordan is a very good tenor man and a Good Tuner (especially with the 4ths and 5ths) I have seen, heard and played his Pans before in Washington DC in the 80's.


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