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Can John Public walk into any store that sells pan and purchase one and be sure that he's getting a quality instrument.


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I ask a question on a facebook group called steel pan around the world now I ask the same question what is a good pan? as far as the question in this discussion its yes and no, a seasoned pan player can spot a well built pan if it has potential he can weigh it and tell if it was built from a solid drum,and he can get it overhauled by an experienced tuner, however a less seasoned player get help or advice, a non player definetely not from a store unless you want to play around with it get on the internet and learn about it watch videos etc there are a lot , I was told there were pans in a store in Hallandale florida and went to the store to get something and saw the pans get this the guy was selling a pair of double tenors as two single pans should I say more on that, I had someone bring a pan to me it was so rotten if you rolled on the notes pieces of it would have fallen off, I gave him an old buss up pan, at least it was not rotten, so non players be aware, 


there's a world music store here in my little town that has had a few pans in their window over the years...of course i always check them out.  None of them were good pans; they were in tune or close to it, but poor tone, clanky and clunky, choppy sound, no sustain.   Any experienced panman or woman could tell immediately upon playing them that this was the case.  Of course i wanted to know who made each one, and the store owner could not tell me, for any of them.  Theoretically I would have no problem buying a good pan, no matter who makes it .... if it's good, it's good. But if the seller can't tell me who made it, I'm not buying -

I put this question to a fellow member that tune pans and he pointed out to me the MOST pan stores buy pans at a reduced rate so what happens is the builders get rid of the duds or pans that did not come how they expected. The message here is clear, if you want to buy ah pan and don't know too much about it get someone that know to help you.


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