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Is it the band or is it the arranger? Robert Greenidge leaves Desperadoes!

Given the recent developments with arranger Robert Greenidge leaving Desperadoes to arrange for Starlift and Zanda coming to Desperadoes, which band do you think will place higher in the 2016 Panorama and why?

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Good question Bugs, my answer is Despers, only because of the quality of their instruments.

I did not know that Robert Greenidge left Desperadoes!

Maybe it's a hypothetical question?

Ian, maybe you can find out and straighten out things. The talk was not Robert leaving Despers, but Despers choosing Zanda.


           By month end, we will all know the arranger for Desperadoes and Starlift. (lol)

I am going with Starlift because of the arranger.....

I'm not sure which will place higher; but to answer the title's question, it's both. The combination of an arranger's style and expression, and the band's ability and approach, can either be magical or bland. (And that can change from year to year)

If we take Liam Teague as an arranger for example and his 2 most recent band's, Starlift (I believe) and Silverstars. I personally think that the partnership with Starlift wasn't the best because of their approach to his music. Silverstars on the other hand; I was completely thrilled to hear about that move. The execution of his lines and phrasings, in my eyes, are better articulated by Silverstars' style of execution.

Bugs, The talk is also about SKIFFLE going with the arrangers from BSO, Ode, Mark and Kendell I believe.

Yea Cecil, that's what the drums are saying. There are some other major changes coming over the drumline. Going to be an interesting year.


Never underestimate the "drumline"

sterling C, thanks for keeping us up to date.

If Robert end up in Starlift and Zanda in Desperadoes, I will say that Startlift will be ahead of Desperadoes just because "Not everyone can get that Respect from them fellas in Despers". 


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