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Congrats Odie Franklin, well done kiddo I am a fan,besides a few ensemble problems, great attempt for your experience you've earned and A, very entertaining piece,and good variety, I wish I could say same for all the bands, by the way congratulations also to Leon Foster you are growing up, and I can hear it in your efforts, I must express my dissapointments, in the majority of performances though and the overall approach to the presentations, right after the results the DJ played the All Stars version of scrunter's "Woman on the bass" and it was a treat still after 32years, there was nothing close to that not even from All stars themselves with their winning arrangement

            It seems that the trend today is to play meaningless lines and runs, that makes little and no connections to the song, and the music has no breathing space to allow the audience to savour its sweetness, after the DJ plays the song there is a lul when the band comes on in the old days the DJ was only a warm up to the main course now the calypso is more entertaining than the pan, I found my self dancing when the DJ plays and look around and I am not alone then the band plays and everything gets quiet, why I mentioned Odie; well after the DJ played the audience was on their toes as the band striked up, that is good, then D'Radoes came the DJ played and the house came down, no surprise of the quick count after hearing a lot of grumbling when the band was comming in bout how the count was too slow, after the DJ stopped the quickness of that "killer" hook line "baccahnal! Baccahanal!" went by without any response from the crowd, the lack of frenzy was not there, this is a "rebecca" like song and at the end the audience were still glued to their chairs.

                 All I have been hearing for some years now is runs and runs, no breathing space, no show stoppers, what's up with the music, some of the same arrangers who had us on our toes dancing singing humming, just making noise, yes and the pans is much sweeter but the sweetness used to be in the playing and the arrangements, why I like Odie, he is trying to get our attention, give him time he will figure out the ensemble issues and good luck for next year dude



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You know?...I didn't hear this year's show since it as not broadcasted live, as was the case in 2012 and 2011,,,but after last year's show I made a similar observation...sadly it won't get better soon though...modern arrangers still trying to put everything they've learnt into their music...completely forgetting that they are not producing music for judges only...what about the crowd?...we still want to go home after the show with some kinda good memory of the event too...

get one point straight, for the last 8 years or so I haven't heard any thing from Trinidad, New York, nothing hill etc that comes close to even a Merrytones in the eighties performance and they never made it to the finals yet people looked forward to hearing their rendition, now its up the scale down the scale, chromatic after chromatic, paraddiddle, parradiddle,no breathing space, no  story line, no assault on the senses,just a nice jam "that's all" I really did not mean to mention bands, but as far as the Brooklyn panorama, this is my take too much slamming on the pans, it is about time people start teaching the kids how to play properly 

For eight years you have not heard anything from Tdad to satisfy you.......from either the small, medium or large categories?  Surely that's an exaggeration.......Every year at least three bands make a lasting impression on me and I'm not taking into consideration 'my'  band.

As an example, could you name one or more Merrytones performance(s) in the eighties?

well there has be a few that were on a course carlton zanda has been making a good impression on me Al but the band it self has not, as a panmaker lookimg at close up shots the pans Deltones has they are well made and there is no reason for them to sound bad, with todays technology I am sure the pans were well tuned, but they were not well played I saw players striking their notes from above their heads and shoulder levels, that is called slamming and makes an unbalanced noise, so the overal effects is lost in the interpretations, Pan Army was good too but then again there were ensemble problems, after viewing a video that was taken obviously from near the judges enclosure not only you could see players slamming their pans you can hear it, in the audio, that is another thing with today's trend, in the sixties pans had to be beaten, due to the type of tunings that was available then, today no need to bang pans, yet it is a trend in many bands, as far as lasting impressions, I had not heard Desperadoes version of Kitch's "Crawford is the man" since the seventies and recently got a copy of it and was able to hum lines before hearing them that is lasting impression, even though there was a haunting line in All stars song this year, I cannot off hand remember it, what is your band Al> by the way

So right on every point. No memorable music in the Panorama any more. This year I decided to take a break from the museum and go to the Mecca instead. I had a great time in Trinidad; Pan on the Avenue, Pan at Woodbrook Playboyz Pan yard; Pan in the square; Pan in South. I came back Pan Up for the year, or untill next year carnival :)

Congrats to Cross Fire and Foster Thomas. I knew he had a winner there; just needed good execution, better pans and more players. Looking forward to big things from him in the future.

Hello Sweet Eustace,

                                   How are things in Florida. Please Email your contact number to laventl@aol.com



Real Steel from London have a nice arrangement.

Does the PAN critics visit Trinidad, you cannot criticise steelbands in T&T if you do not visit Trinidad for the live shows.

Eustace when last you visit Trinidad and hear live PAN ? You do not know what you are talking about.


Sweet Eustace:

I couldn't agree more with your second paragraph.  It pains me to stand on the track listening to tune after tune filled with senseless chromatic runs and embellishments totally unrelated to either verse or chorus of the calypso the band is playing.  They no longer recognize that sweetness is not the same as bravado ... they always "more hot than sweet" to quote Sparrow.


I have told pan arrangers many times that there is nothing with imitating, as long as you are imitating something good, Clive Bradley for example, or Beverly Griffith.



"Things aren't how they used to be."

People have been saying/will be saying this FOREVER.

I made a statement in a radio interview when asked if panorama is going forward. I said a BIG NO, "it has taken a retrograde step and if the rules were to ban chromatic scales, there will be no bands in the panorama" I stand by this.

I would like to see an actual musicological analysis of this supposed epidemic of "chromatic scales" that is apparently plaguing Panorama. If you look past the winning bands of Silver Stars, Katzenjammers, and All Stars, you would be surprised. I find that people like to assume too much based on what's winning. Listen to more than one or two bands.

And by the way, that "Woman on the Bass" that everyone gets so misty-eyed over is FULL of chromatic runs...


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